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Day: April 19, 2022

Midoriyama And Statistics

I pulled in early today to get some EC hoping to get my hamstring to loosen up some.  Defib was already out for his 5 miles of EC. No one else around so I took off. We both finished up with about 10 minutes before start and enough time to hear statistics  being thrown around about how many post you have versus how many post you could possibly have if attending every workout you could possibly attend. So your percentage may be higher than someone else that has more post than you. Statistically some of you will understand my explanation of this conversation but most probably will  not. I’m not a numbers man but I’m 99% sure can fix your air conditioner in your car.  While this was happening a FNG pulled up with a couple minute before start.  We welcome him and ask who EH’ed him. He has a friend in Hickory but was unsure of his F3 name but we think it is Happy Trees. Apparently Happy contacted our own Pizza Man and he was sent our way. Glad to have you man, it’s time to get started.

Warmarama:  Disclaimer was given and we get started. SSH, Hillbilly’s, and MNC’s waiting on Blart to eventually join us.


With a short mosey to the lot beside the turd shack we begin with 10 hand release merkins, 10 LBC’s,10 CDD’s, and 10 squats take a lap then 20 of each exercise adding 10 till we get to 40 with a lap in between each set. A little mumble chatter about how CDD’s were named and how Freight wasn’t going to work on his soccer arms till after the SMR. I didn’t get that memo, not sorry Freight.

Mosey across the road to the parking lot for some 11’s Mike Tysons and Imperial Walker Squats there was some talk if I got these exercises from a certain canoe but I have to take credit this time. Freight confused Imp walkers for Hillbillies. He was getting the reps in quite fast

Mosey across the grass to a small hill for some triple nickel WW1 at top and Jump squats at the bottom.  With about 10 minutes to spare we head back to start for some PAX called Mary.

Anouncements: SMR needs some runners, lunch at Ray Nathan’s on Thursday 21st, whetstone site going live

Prayer request: my mom, Blart met a man that is partially paralyzed not sure of his relationship with the Lord, Broke’s MRI on Friday, I’m sure there are many other out there

Good push today men, great to have a FNG show, thanks for letting me lead today.


Welcome Rustoleum






I had a day off on Monday, Purple Haze was asking a favor for a Q-stitute, so I thought it would be nice to Q at another new spot.  As I went up  into the house that evening I saw that it was going to be very wet in the morning!

Morning arrives and I hear the rain coming down. I try to plan accordingly with some rain gear. As I was trying to get ready for the workout I can barely move, I was still hurting from the beatdown that I had received from Mayor on Saturday morning at The Yank. Wirenut would say that I deserved it. LOL.

Pulling up to the parking lot at my normal 30 minutes early routine, There is only one vehicle there. 15 minutes go by when I see another vehicle pulling up to pick up that person for work. That was a close one I thought. I was really hoping that no one would show. I did not want to get wet! I was pretty tired, my body was sore and all I wanted to do was get back home. About two minutes till start time a truck pulls up. Headlights shining on me, yup, that’s Roundup!. Then a Dallas city vehicle pulls up, there comes Wichita! I climb out of my vehicle, those guys get out as well. It’s go time! Those guys decided to run three miles and I decided to walk one. I needed to see if I can get these aching muscles to move. With a plan locked in 30 minutes of running, let’s meet back at the car wash for our discussion. 2 minutes into my stretching walk I found out that my rain gear sucked!

Since I had never been to this work out, PurpleHaze had called me to explain to me how the workout goes. 30 minutes of running and 15 minutes of discussion. Discussion usually involves a Bible verse. With that and Easter in mind, I planned the discussion on Luke 24:38-39.

The disciples spent years! Sleeping, eating, living with Jesus Christ! They still had to see the scars, touch his body to realize that he had risen.  Jesus had gone into battle with the dark side to learn and feel what it is like to be human. He came up in the light to show us that he knows, feels how hard it is to be human. His never ending love grew stronger with his walk. In your darkest moments you can grow closer to him if you choose. Our love for him will grow stronger when we spend more time with him. Our Lord longs for our attention. The Lord our savior has always been here, he has been in everything from the start!! The Bible has Jesus’s hand all in it. Front to back. Our Lord and Savior has been here since it’s beginning. Studying the word and prayer (talking to him) is the only way to grow closer to him.

Christ has risen, He has risen indeed!!

Thank you men.

A Lot of Work; A Little Talk at The Storm

10 Pax joined YHC for some work at the Storm this morning. Would have been 12 but.. missed ya Boudin.

Warm Up

SSH, Gravel Pickers, Toy Soldiers


At each speed bump: 

50 Flutters, 25 Merkins, 10 Squats, run back to start

50 AH or Monkey Crunches, 25 CDD’s, 10 Calf Raises, run back to start

50 LBC’s, 25 Werkins, Monkey Humpers


Dips/Bridge Thrusters 

Jacob’s Ladder 

Run up, 1 Burpee at the top, Run back down.  Repeat until you get to 7 Burpees. (Modified for Time..ugh)



F2 Lunch at Ray Nathan’s this Thursday at Noon

Honey Hunters game Sunday 4/24

Whetstone/Shieldlock, Kotter sign-up on website under “Fellowship” tab

Prayer Requests:

Broke has MRI this Friday

Gump and family





Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Hebrews 4:14‭-‬16 ESV

“The great purpose of salvation is the glory of God. No trial is too great, no temptation too strong but that Jesus Christ can give us the mercy and grace that we need, when we need it. Jesus, a sinless person, would feel temptations and trials in a much greater way than you or I could ever feel them. He is able to help us when we are tempted. If we fail to hold fast our confession,  we are only telling the world that we failed to draw on his grace and mercy when it was freely available to us.” Wiersbe

Breaker Breaker took us out.

Great guys; great venue! Thanks for coming out!




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