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Day: April 24, 2022

Members Only 4-24-22

Some rucked, some ran 5, some ran more. All got better.

Baseball game today

May 3rd Smarter Than a 5th Grader

See Tiger if interested in Grow Ruck


Pray for:



Def Leppard



Gavel’s Dad

Tiger’s M

Chad Magee


SA 2.0


YHC took us out.
I’m Broke

Just the Two of Us

A chilly spring break morning at The Ricky Bobby brought a light crowd, just Tesla and me.  But there was nothing light about the work that was done, nor the mumblechatter in the Gloom.  Since nobody had signed up to Q, I was prepared with music and framework for the beatdown.  Warmup consisted of side-straddle hops, imperial walkers, and merkins, all in cadence.  Then I turned on Pandora to the station we played at our Easter Sunday family gathering: 60s Rock (great music from a couple decades before my time and who knows how many decades beyond Tesla’s).  For The Thang, we stayed close to the school entrance just in case J2C or Umbro showed up a few minutes late, as they tend to do. The format was to do 20 reps of an exercise, then mosey to the edge of the awning and back. We did hand-release merkins, Bobby Hurleys, leg lifts, dips, derkins, step-ups, American hammers, monkey humpers, flutter kicks, and more.  Mumblechatter topics were even wider than the range of exercises.  We didn’t solve any of the world’s problems but agreed on the importance of knowing the things that are truly important and prioritizing accordingly.  Instead of running away from the challenges that face us, meet them head on.  Focus on getting just 1% better each and every day.  We prayed for good men to remain strong and set a positive example in our communities.  I appreciate the company this morning and getting to know Tesla better.  Aye!

 – Nutria


Another Leaderless Coconut Horse

EZ Rider and YHC got a little EC before the start of the Horse…very little EC at that.

Whoopee joined and the three ran off into the distance not knowing that Short Sale had a dog that was backed up and would make him three minutes late.  Just before the Waffle House YHC needed to turn back and walk due to some IR type aggravation in the lower leg.  Short Sale passed and then YHC spotted Drug Dog who was running solo.

We all finished about the same time, Flintstone arrived and got in the COT and led the QSource discussion on Mammon.  It was lively and lessons were reinforced.

It was a great morning.  When we went to the parking lot, Short Sale was with us and then he disappeared and almost went head on into a car and then sped out of the parking lot.

Plan on a Memorial Day Murph on Monday, May 30th.

Plan on a CSAUP on Saturday, May 21st.


F3 250 at the Gashouse

The morning gloom was awesome and during EC Whoopee and I spotted an owl on the greenway so I took a pic.  If I were an owl, the Greenway would be where I would hunt too.  Lots of birds, rabbits, crayfish, salamanders, and other vermin would round out the diet with the trees giving you the high ground.

Anyway Bondo had the Q at the Pain Lab and let us borrow a 20# cool sandbag type coupon to go along with Whoopee’s GoRuck sandbag.  After a brief warmup, the Gashouse PAX moseyed to the flag with coupons in tow and stopped for the pledge before heading to the track and the picnic tables.  The picnic tables disappeared so we were left with one bench to start sandbag step ups.  The idea was for one PAX to be working at a time while the others waited their turn.  We did 250 reps total so each PAX would do two rounds of 25.  YHC could sense that Nutria and Whoopee were disappointed with that pace so we started doing two at a time. Mosey around the track for dips on the bleachers, then mosey around the track for 250 burpees, first by five each and then by two, and then by one to finish them.  Then we moseyed to the church for SSH at the bottom of the steps.  Les Nessman walked over from the Boy Scout hut side.  They were getting ready for pine needle delivery.  It was at this point that Short Sale started talking about Primus posters at Ray Nathan’s.  There is a wall of framed Primus posters that one of the owners collects.  The goal is now to get Primus to do a concert at Ray Nathan’s.  Does anyone know Les Claypool to make this happen?

Anyway we moseyed to the top of the stairs for 250 merkins.  Linus was doing an inverted Def Leppard Merkin and got called out.  We moseyed to the basketball court for sandbag slams and lunges and we listed to Primus “Jerry was a racecar driver” on the speaker.  Whoopee isn’t into that kind of music so I switched to “Amarillo by Morning” from George Straight before we moseyed back to the start.  We did a few sandbags tosses and then the PAX from the PainLab joined for five burpees for the train we heard earlier.  We closed out with COT and named Whoopee’s hernia Luigi.

Good times as always at the Gashouse.

Prayer Requets:  Bondo’s M,  Turtleman, Huckleberry,  Luigi


Always a pleasure to lead









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