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The end of Plantation

We kept it simple today at Diablo Sammich.

Many times I have tried to find the end of the development behind Pelican’s.   Many times I have failed and when we reached a cul de sac, we did merkins to make up for it.

Wattsup and HIPAA once took me there and that distance plus a grueling pace made for a great workout

Last night, I swallowed my pride and looked it up online.  To get to the very very very very end, you just follow Plantation Rd/St all the way to the end.

That’s exactly what we did.  And it worked.  I was tired all day too!

Bulldog – 3/29/22



Slow, slow mosey around parking lot

The Thang:

10 Rounds

  • 30 mountain Cross Climbers
  • 10 Breaker Breaker (Squat, left kick, squat, right kick, jump squat)
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Freddy Mercuries IC
  • 10 Shoulder Taps IC

Finished with some Mary

The Pledge



  • Convergence
  • Community Foundation Run
  • Adopt a Highway clean-up
  • Baseball game – 2nd F

Prayer Request

  • Tesla
  • Huck
  • Pink Floyd’s M and Dad

YHC closed in prayer


Nice work men, something a little different than kettlebell work.

Breaker Breaker

Mt Hollywood 3/28/22



  • SSH
  • Don Qs
  • Grass Pickers
  • Burpees x 6

Mosey to Main St

At every Street light, left and right side to the church Parking lot

  • 5 Merkins
  • 5 Jump Squats

Church parking lot – Triple Nickel

  • 5 burpees
  • Bear crawl to opposite side of parking lot
  • 5 monkey Humpers
  • Lung walk back to starting point


Mosey to Central Ave

Route 66

At every light post – Merkins

Mosey back to school

  • Wall sits and o/h presses20 I/C,
  • Balls to wall w/shoulder taps 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 I/C

Rinse and repeat 3x

Finish with Pledge and COT


  • Convergence
  • Community Foundation Run
  • Adopt a Highway – April 16th (GasHouse)
  • Honey Hunter’s Baseball Game

Prayer Request

Sargento helping with planting a church in Belmont area; looking for a gathering place

Pink Floyd’s M and Dad

YHC Closed us out in prayer

Always fun to Q Mt Hollywood! Good work men!

Breaker Breaker

Release The Kraken!

It’s been about six months since my last Q . I took some time away from F3 to focus on building muscle mass in the gym.But I’ve done that as long as I cared to, it’s time to get lean for summertime and what better way than boot camp with those hammers at Folsom. I sure was missing my F3 brothers and pumped to get back in the gloom with them and shed a few pounds. I’ve been back at it about a month now and I’m getting some endurance back,so I was itching to lead a workout so I pounced on the first one I could at Folsom here’s what went down.

warm up: ssh,gravel pickers,mnc,bolt 45’s,merkins,mountain climbers all x10 IC

mosey to flag stopping at each light pole on the way for 3 kraken burpees

we pledged it up

mosey to horse track for 11’s dips and rows

burpee Indian run back to far shelter sparky showed up at some point I think it was after the kraken burpees….. convenient

back shelter partner work one does work other runs to flag and back exercises:50 pull ups,100 hanging knee raises,150 incline push ups TIME !
had more fun stuff planned but it’ll have to wait for another day.

we circled up I shared some words with the pax from Job about how we should view God while going through trials.we shared announcements took prayer requests and I prayed us out.

Thanks for the chance to lead this morning men  I’m glad to be back.we’re stronger together no doubt!

Prison Break 3/30/22

10 men posted at Prison Break for a mix of running and recovery-walking. One guy would not be denied as Broke continues running, despite dealing with an ongoing leg or possibly back issue. Hope the doctor appoint gives you some good direction to begin getting better. For the rest of us, sprained ankles, calf soreness, and blisters will heal sooner than later.


  • 4/2/22 Convergence at The Yank, Smoky Mountain Relay meeting afterward. Also, there may be a service opportunity after as well.
  • 4/9 Community Foundation Run @ Fuse in Gastonia – runners welcome, we have several Speed For Need chairs to push
  • 4/17 Roadside cleanup in Gastonia after the Gashouse workout

Prayer Requests:
– Huck
– Turtleman
– Big Pappy and family
– Sister Act’s daughter (and family)
– Wichita and his dad, mourning the loss of his mother
– Ball Joint’s uncle
– Broke
– the family of two boys involved in an accidental shooting

Sarlacc took us out in prayer.

Go Duke!

The Goat – March 31, 2022

We had 12 men for a Final Four workout. Seeing no FNG’s we headed up 8th Avenue to find a better parking lot for the warm up.

Goofball x 20 IC
Windmill x 10 IC
Hillbilly Walker x 10 IC
SSH x 20 IC
Sun Gods x 10 IC (each direction).
Plank Jacks x 15 IC

10 merkins
10 merkins, 20 cdd
10 merkins, 20 cdd, 30 squats
10 merkins, 20 cdd, 30 squats, 40 mountain climbers (count one side only)

5 burpees for the train.

Took a mosey to the basketball courts in Cramerton.

YHC has two grab bags, one with 6 ping pong balls, upon which are written numbers from 10 to 25, plus the letter “Q” (puller gets to choose the number of reps); The second bag contains 6 ping pong balls with exercises (Bobby Hurleys, Carolina Dry Dock, Merkin, Mountain Climbers and Squats)  on them.

There is also a basketball. Prior to the pax pulling the ping pong balls, the pax has to shoot the basketball through the net (Free Throw Line or 3-Point Line). If the pax misses, we do a total of five burpees for each miss.

Congratulations to Zeus and Cinderella (the only PAX to make a basket today)

Convergence at The Fighting Yank on Saturday, April 2
Community Foundation Run on Saturday, April 9
F3 Night at the Gastonia Honey Hunters. Check Slack for more details.

Cinderella’s aunt.
Pizza Man’s pastor.


Celebrating Six Years at The Storm – March 29, 2022

Six years ago I took the whim and was EHed by Sargento and headed to The Storm where Whoopie was on Q.  After the FREE workout, I enjoyed the fellowship and was given the name of RADAR, which could be worse seeing some of the names before and after.

So seeing that my F3 Anniversary fell on March 29 at the same AO, I started I stole the Q from Dr. Seuss via Slack and decided to do lead the workout.

Seeing a FNG, I gave a disclaimer and then we went on a run behind the school, and then circled up in the round about.

Windmill x 10 IC
Imperial Squat Walker x 10 IC
SSH x 20 IC
Merkin x 10 IC

After the warm up we took a mosey up the hill toward Lakewood Road and then took Lakewood Road back to the school on the stadium entrance side.

CRAZY 8’s (8 Rounds):
8 hand release merkins, 16 parker peter (count one side), and 24 seal jacks. After each round run in an eight pattern in the parking lot.

1 big boy sit up / run / 10 squats

Convergence at The Fighting Yank on Saturday, April 2
Community Foundation Run on Saturday, April 9
F3 Night at the Gastonia Honey Hunters. Check Slack for more details.

Cinderella’s aunt.
Pizza Man’s pastor.



Warm up: SSH, Merkins, Flutters

We ran about 2.5 miles and stopped many times along the way and did a few SSH, LBCs, Flutters, & merkins (should have been there)

Announcements: Convergence this Saturday & Community Foundation run on April 9

Many prayer request

Prayed out

EZ out…..

Back in the Saddle at The Goat!

Been awhile since YHC led here and the AO never disappoints! Today was one big Omaha and it never surprises me when that happens. You plan and prepare and then something out there intrudes on the plan! That something is called the real world. And it deals us all very cruel blows when we least expect it. But, if we are resilient, we make it into a force for good and even getting better. So today we did that.

Went like this:


SSH-Bs X 5

IWs X 20

Grasspickers X 20


Mosey over to the bridge and the gate is LOCKED! There goes that plan! So we adapt.

Start with 5 burpees at the bottom of the hill for suicides:

First pole: 5 Big boys, back to the bottom and 5 burpees

Second Pole: 10 big boys, back to the bottom and 5 burpees

Third pole: 15 BBs, back to the bottom for 5 burpees

Fourth Pole: 20 BBs, 5 burpees at the bottom.

Mosey over to the gazebo area for some work:

10 dirkins, 10 stepups, 10 dips

On the green line, bear crawl to the top, mosey back down.

Repeat work above,  15X each this time we do lunges up to the top, mosey back.

Rinse and repeat, 20X each, burpee broad jumps to the top.

Time for some triple nickel action – on the big hill:

Bottom: Plank jacks X 5

Top: LBCs X 5

“Top”defined by the second “light” or third pole up the hill.

Time for COT and pledge.


Not what I thought it would be but then again what is? We got it done and everyone had a beat down. Why else would you show? Life throws stuff at you. all the time. Is it an opportunity? Kind of what you make it. I can tell you all about that! The obstacle is the way men. Go towards it!


P200 Van 1 – Balls to the Walls

The plan was to meet at  BallJoint’s place at 2:45am and head out 3am. At 3:01 still no BallJoint, he finally showed and we left at 3:15am for the adventure ahead, 206.7 miles over the next 30 so hours.  Our start time for the F3Gashouse Coconut Horses was 5:45am in Lexington, SC just outside of Columbia.

Van 1 – AKA: The Folsom Hammers consisted of:

A Commander of the USS Enterprise – Shatner – our Chauffeur/companion runner

A somewhat professional welder – Sparky – Navigator/companion runner

A Dookie professional and part time concrete guy – RoundUp

A ‘used’ tool saleman / snap on guy – GearWrench

A bone marrow eating/bone broth drinking – no Carb animal – Wichita

A master of words / medical selling machine – Bedpan

A 6:40 pacer / race car driving / part time mechanic – BallJoint

A cool Star Wars worm/pit guy – YHC Sarlacc

The first 2 hours driving to the start location consisted of various stories from Sparky and Shatner’s vasectomies to Bedpan’s Strip club with his mom to RoundUp’s, you guessed it, dookie stories to Sparky’s WWJD store (yes, What Would Jesus Do).

So a little in site to the stories:

Sparky and Shatner both shared stories from the vasectomies and were talking about the problems they experienced from it. Sparky claims that he took pictures and sent pictures of his ‘Grapefruit’ size balls.

Bedpan shared with us a story about how he and his mom were invited to go to a Strip club together…….did it happen? you ask The Pan.

RoundUp the only one of us to take a pooh in the woods while at an exchange zone, yes there was port a potties but he said he couldn’t make it that far. His Dookie balls story is a classic. Him and his dad, Hacksaw in a public restroom and Hacksaw blows out some ‘dookie balls’ and they come running under the stall to RoundUp. Follow up that one with either HIM.

Sparky shared a story about him in his young foolish days with some of his friends and the Cops show up. His buddy gets shoved up against their Jeep by the officer. His buddy sees the officer has a WWJD bracelet on and his buddy says to the officer, “Sir, Jesus would not have shoved me that hard against that Jeep.” Office says, sorry. The real question I know are asking, Did Sparky go to jail that nigh? You ask him.

After laughing so hard at all the stories, Shatner or Oh Shat, landed the USS Enterprise at The Launching Pad for the start of the Race around 5am. We collected all of the race collateral and the waiting began for the 5:45 am start.

Leg 1: BedPan lead the team off with 6.77 miler and had 3 kills. While BedPan was out, RoundUp informed us that we has going to run the Leg 2 (10.52 miles) as a warm up for his Leg 3.

Leg 2: Wichita/RoundUp ran 10.52 miles with 2 kills.

Leg 3: RoundUp/Sparky ran 3.32 miles with 0 kills.

Leg 4: BallJoint ran 4.52 miles with 5 kills at 6:40 pace fyi he drank a beer after his leg

Leg 5: GearWrench ran 7.64 miles with 2 kills.

Leg 6: YHC Sarlacc ran 6.29 miles with 0 kills.

We had exchange with Van 2 at this point and headed off to get some well deserved grub. If you are ever in the Santee Area, check our Lone Start BBQ – fantastic food and neat area. After getting our bodies full we headed to rest a little at the next Van exchange at Lake Marion. I look up and what do my eyes see, a  Chippendales model in ranger panties in Lake Marion. Yes, Wichita is standing in 60 degree water and all of a sudden goes under. He comes back and talks RoundUp, Bedpan and GearWrench to join him. If you are a Facebook person, go to RoundUp’s page and see the Live video he did, worth the laugh. We later were informed by the park ranger who stopped by to say hi to us, that they have some 16 ft alligators in the water and they live in a pond just feet away from where our boys are getting some Cold Water Therapy.

By far, our biggest treat was the arrival to this exchange zone from a Giant Penguin, Big Pappy made the 2 plus hour drive to just to come see us and give us encouragement. He is a true HIM.

It’s finally time for the exchange from Van 2 back to us for our 2nd legs.

Leg 13: BedPan ran 3.53 miles with 2 kills.

Leg 14: Wichita ran 5.51 miles with 1 kill.

Leg 15: RoundUp ran 8.85 miles with 5 kills at 7:35 pace

Leg 16: BallJoint ran 7.42 miles with 2 kills at 7:40 pace he drank a beer after his leg

Leg 17: GearWrench ran 2.45 miles with 0 kills

Leg 18: YHC Sarlacc/Shatner ran 9.68 miles with 0 kills

We had our 2nd exchange with Van 2 and tried to find some much needed food. It was close to midnight and Waffle House is usually the only thing open. We tried 2 different Waffle Houses that told us they were closed or taking online orders only. We headed to a gas station to get some petro and trash food from inside to hold us over. We then headed to the next van exchange zone to try to get some much needed rest. Let the snoring begin. Oh my word, never in my life have I heard anyone snore as loud as Bedpan. He was in the back part of the van that is separated by a wall and he was shaking the windows. Wichita and Sparky were outside on the ground in 40 degree weather. YHC got 0, that is ZERO sleep. I need my CPAP and just can’t sleep without it.

The time came for us to make our way to get the slap bracelet from Van 2 and get our 3rd and final legs underway.

Leg 25: BedPan ran 2.43 miles with 1 kill.

Leg 26: Wichita ran 3.78 miles with 0 kills.

Leg 27: RoundUp ran 7.53 miles with 3 kills at 7:40 pace

Leg 28: BallJoint ran 8.08 miles with 3 kills at 7:39 pace he drank a beer after his leg

Leg 29: GearWrench/Sparky ran 4.59 miles with 0 kills

Leg 30: YHC Sarlacc ran 3.46 miles with 0 kills

We handed the slap bracelet off to Van 2 for the last time and headed to Cracker Barrel for some much need food. We eat everything in sight. We even had the Zero Carb man (Wichita) eat half a jelly biscuit with butter. After eating we heading to the finish line to wait for Van 2 to arrive. Once we see Freight coming, we join in for the last 100 yards or so and cross the finish line together. We stood around for a while and some had a few beers and a few tacos and brats. We took a great picture and headed to the hotel to check in and get ready for dinner.

YHC suggested one of my favorite Charleston locations for dinner, Page’s Okra Grill in Shim Creek. After dinner several guys hung the lobby to watch a little NCAA basketball while others headed to the rooms for rest.

It was an amazing race and I had the honor and privilege of being the Captain for the team. Special thanks to Shatner for driving Van 1.

I’m Sarlacc and I’m Out, until the next one……….May the force be with you…….




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