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Day: April 25, 2022

No Q – No PAX – No Problem

Pulling in to Old School @ 0655 and no one, nothing, nada dang soul. If this sounds familiar it is. You know if you scared say so we can stay on this side of the tracks.I’ll protect you if we happen to go down to the D-Blok I grew up there it’s not as bad as everyone thinks. Any ways I’m checking my notifications and see a problem has occurred most of my Old School Originals have the Q somewhere else and The Q is posting somewhere else as well. No problem I’ve been here before. No warmup needed as I’m already fuming and my blood is pumping so I mosey on down to Carr School for some ladder work on the ol playground and jungle gym.

Work was as follows

1-Pull-up, 2-Merkins, 3-Squats

2-Pull-ups, 4-Merkins, 6-Squats

3-Pull-ups, 6-Merkins, 9-Squats

4-Pull-ups, 8-Merkins, 12-Squats

5-Pull-ups, 10-Merkins, 15-Squats

@400 meter run from playground down around the track at the ball fields

10 calf raises on each step leading out of ball fields 13 steps total

Rinse Repeat for a total of 4 Rounds

Mosey back to park

1 man COT headed out to refuel the machine.

I’m hoping that this doesn’t keep becoming a regular occurrence here at Old School. A lot of you guys have never come out to this AO or any others besides where you joined F3 as far as that goes. There are a lot of you guys that I’ve met by traveling to other AO’s outside of my local community but I’ve never seen you on our side of the county unless it was at a convergence. There are other sites besides the ones you’re attending or you’re comfortable visiting. Get out meet new friends see new faces and places and create new bonds.



Parking Deck AMRAP A** Whoopin

I’m pulling up to Downtown G-Town this morning got a good one in store this morning. No FNG’s let’s get to the warmup.

  • 25 SSH IC
  • 5 Burpees
  • 20 Hillbillies  IC
  • 5 Burpees
  • 15 Flutters IC
  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Mountain Climbers
  • 5 Burpees
  • 5 Burpees

Mosey to the parking deck 10 hand release Merkins at each level. Bear crawl up each ramp to next level run to next ramp. Rinse repeat all work at each level all the way to the top.

The Thang.

Partner up For AMRAP’s and sprints at each level. Each level Partner 1 does As Many Reps As Possible for each set.  Partner 2 sprints down 1 level (unless you’re a bat flipping douche canoe like my partner and you do the whole damn deck) back up stairs and tags out. Partners switch and repeat for 2 rounds at each level.

  • Top Deck – Burpees
  • Deck 5 – Big Boys
  • Deck 4 – Squats
  • Deck 3 – Mike Tyson’s
  • Deck 2 – Bonnie Blair’s
  • Bottom Deck – Plank and Bear Crawls instead of sprints


Mosey back to parking lot for a Block Finisher. Partners once again and once again AMRAP work. Two rounds Working sets and Rifle Carries each.

  • Round 1 Over Head Press
  • Round 2 Curls
  • Round 3 Blockies


As we’re putting up the blocks I see we’ve got a few minutes left and by the time we gather back up for the COT it’s down to a minute. As I said before I’ve got a bat flipper for a partner and quite a few more out here this morning as well. I don’t want to be one to disappoint so we finished with a minute of Burpees.



Men We all crammed a lot of work into this 45min. workout great job thanks for the push and all the hard work this morning men.

Lastly this morning but most importantly this morning men it’s Good Friday. This is the most important day in human history in my opinion. What would our lives as Christian Men look like if Jesus said no he will not drink of this cup. He would not lay down his life for ours. What would life as we know it look like. I’m so thankful that this is not the case. I’m so thankful that he sacrificed his life so that I can have eternal life with Him in heaven. Remember men The Easter Season & Story doesn’t end on Resurrection Sunday this is just the beginning.



Back at it…

First time back in a while for a post at the Bulldog!  Same good times, nearly the same crew.  Here’s what we did…

Warm up:  

2 minutes of stretching…yes I said it.

10 merkins

10 imperial walkers

I can’t take credit for this, so thanks Broke.  These aren’t the same exercises though!

10s (10 reps of each exercise then 9 then..)



Bent over rows





Pull overs

American hammers





We ended here for time sake .  Always great times at the Bulldog.  Until next time.  We had the pledge and YHC took us out.

Ghost Q

YHC was scheduled to Q, but Turkey hunt changed weekends and almost forgot to get Q spot covered. Freight reached out on Friday to follow, so reliable Tesla agreed to take Q for me and YHC is writing the BB.

2 rucked

2 ran

The Goat – 4/14

It’s 5:30am,  no FNGs so a brief disclaimer and get to work!

Mosey down to the bridge leading over to Goat Island

Bear crawl across bridge then runner’s skips for 20 yards, then Karaoke, high knees, and then butt kicks. Continue mosey to back parking.


  • SSH
  • Don Qs
  • Hillbillies

Now for some sprints – everyone lines up on facing back of parking lot.

  • Speed skaters back/forth over line until YHC calls Go! – Sprint about 25 yards and mosey back to start line.
  • Split jump lunges and sprint
  • Jump switches and then sprint
  • Over & Backs and then sprint
  • Double leg side 2 side jumps and then sprint

Start mosey back but before crossing first bridge, 10 burpees. Mosey on but before 2nd bridge, 20 merkins and then bear crawl across bridge.

At bottom of hill across from Fire Station, time for some hill sprints.

At bottom of hill, 10 monkey humpers, sprint to top of hill then 10 CDDs

Rinse and repeat 10X

A little time left for some core

  • LBCs
  • Flutter Kicks
  • American Hammers




  • Announcements
  • Prayer Requests

YHC closed in prayer


10-4 Good buddy, over and out,




Quick Little 30min. AMRAP

No FNG’s this morning quick warmup and we’re gonna get this thang over so in 30 we can go run the Community Foundation 5k.

The Thang.
AMRAP for 30 min.

  • 5 Blockies
  • 20 OHP
  • 20 Curls
  • 20 Extesions
  • Bear Crawl 15 meters
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 A to G Squats
  • 10 Big Boys

Rinse and Repeat for As Many Rounds As Possible

Very simple workout we kept the pace and intensity up I think I burned @600 calories on this one.

On to the 5k weather you’re pushing for Speed for Need, or just running a race on your own today good luck and good job today guys.


Compression Lock and Loaded

Disclaimer: For the next few months if I’m Q’ing(Spiderman), I solemnly swear to NOT call out any side straddle hops, mosey, burpies, or jumping oriented bull-crap. That’s about the extent of my rant, cause we have work to put in! LET’s GO!
Moroccan Night Clubs
Imperial walkers
Grass Pickers
Curls 10IC, Squats 10IC
Curls 12IC, Squats 12IC
Curls 14IC, Squats 14IC
Curls 12IC, Squats 12IC
Curls 10IC, Squats 10IC
Merkins 10, LBCs 10IC
Merkins 12, American Hammers 10IC
Merkins 14, Flutterkicks 20IC
Hand release Merkins 12, American Hammers
Hand release Merkins 10IC
Hand Release Merkins 10, LBCs 10IC
Shoulder Press
Squat curl press
Repeat x 3
Calf Raises, 2 sets of 15, X2

Wanted: Dead or Alive

7 HIM’s and 2 ruckers got a strong start to the week at the Sandlot.  Warm up was side-straddle hops, toy soldiers, hillbilly walkers, and Nolan Ryans in cadence. Whoopee departed to ruck with Hush Puppy while bootcampers moseyed to the park gate for 10 each: hand-release merkins (which prompted immediate groans from the PAX), Bobby Hurleys (another unpopular choice) and American Hammers (not so bad I guess after the first two).  After a short mosey to the walking path at the edge of the parking lot, The Thang was do an exercise until the first PAX reached 25 reps.  Then, mosey to the flag at the middle of the softball fields and back.  Rinse and repeat with another exercise.  We started with hand-release merkins, Bobby Hurleys, and American Hammers, then moved on to PAX choices consisting of shoulder taps, flutter kicks, overhead claps, and other stuff.  After a full round of everyone having a pick, we moved to the bleachers for a second round.  Between exercises (derkins, dips, mountain climbers, lunges, seal jacks) we moved out to the path and back various ways including carioca, high knees, butt kickers, and nur.  Mumblechatter was strong as PAX engaged in some karaoke during the carioca.  I never dreamed I’d have the pleasure of hearing Bedpan belt out “Islands in the Stream.”  With 6 minutes to go, we moseyed back to Pelicans, running into Whoopee and Hush Puppy at the gate and pausing for 5 burpees.  Back at the flag, we circled up for 3 minutes of Mary (starting with a long round of flutter kicks while Hush Puppy took his sweet time putting away his ruck). 

May 21 CSAUP – look for preblast from Roscoe
May 30 (Memorial Day) will be 7:00 Murph at Sandlot in addition to regular 5:30 bootcamp

Praise for Bedpan’s 13th wedding anniversary, Folgers’ new job, and Nutria’s mom turning 75
Watts Up’s family

It was a privilege and a pleasure to lead.  I appreciate the company of the HIM’s who came out this morning.  We all got our money’s worth.  Aye!

 – Nutria





15 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Moroccan Night Clubs IC

10 Merkins IC

20 Squats OYO

5 Burpees

Mosey to the parking deck.  5 Burpees at each speed bump.

We started at the bottom of the parking deck and did Route 66 on each level then mosey back to the start for 5 Burpees them mosey back to the next level.  The exercises done were has follows

Level 1  Merkins

Level 2 Monkey Humpers

Level 3 CDD

Level 4 Squats

Level 5 Mountain Climbers count right leg

We fellowship moseyed to the Level 6 for wall work.

30 second Wall Sit

15 Dirty Hookups

30 Shoulder Taps

30 second Wall Sit

Mosey down to Level 4 rinse and repeat then mosey to Level 3 rinse and repeat.  With time running low we moseyed back to the Pavilion for some core work.

25 of the following exercises.



American Hammers

Heals to Heaven



Time 6:15 am


Prayer Request


The Q took us out in prayer

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. SYITG.



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