• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/26/2022
  • AO: The Storm
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Vidal Sassoon, Breaker Breaker, Dr. Seuss, Sister Act, Whoopee, Tiger, Boudin, Rebar, Olsen, Offshore, ShortSale, Finkel

I almost missed by Q. Fortunately SA texted me to ask if I had the Q at the Storm and reminded me. It was quickly followed by a Mr. Bean gif yawning and a comment saying it would probably not be worth his time. In my head, I thought…..sorry, can’t put that on the inter webs….I just might run for office one day and I’ve already got enough skeletons in my closet. No need to add any more. I politely replied that I would bring my angry eyes and would look for him in the morning. Since I go to be early by most people’s standards (except Stroganoff-BTW, anybody seen him lately???? if not, how about reaching out to him to check on him), I had about 30 minutes to come up with something so…..I texted Boudin to see if he could bring his sandbag then went to the garage and got a bunch of stuff and threw it in the back of my truck and got to work.  During the night I had a bit of an upset stomach due to an early Taco Tuesday meal (thanks Caroline), so I ran to the garage and pooped in a bucket, put a lid on the bucket really tight, then threw it in the back of the truck thinking SA will love this…..

It’s 0530, let’s get started. WU with SSH, Merkins, then some burpees while we looked at the things I  had brought: 40 # sandbag, 60# sandbag (thanks Boudin), two 20#-ish pieces of granite wrapped in pool noodle or towel, 5# medicine ball, and a 5 gallon bucket with approximately 20-30# of processed Taco Tuesday. During the WU we listed the 5 core principles.

Then came the marching orders: Today would be Triple Nickel ALL. DAY. LONG. After a quick Q fail on the actual performing of said “Triple Nickel” we actually did the “Triple Nickel” correctly. On 1 end we did 5 burpees then picked up 1 of the above objects and moseyed to the other side of parking lot. At that point we did 5 BigBoys for a total of 5 times. We finished this with some $itching and complaining, mainly from Seuss and SA…..you know how Seuss complains so much. The only good thing about it was that SA kept his whiny mouth shut and listened while Seuss was complaining.  Next we moseyed to the wall for some REAL FUN along with the toys. I let SA pick the first exercise. He wanted to do Grass Pickers.  I told him hell no, we are doing some real f’ing exercises and quit his be-atching about everything and grab some wall. It’s time to do some dern Hip Slappers. The other exercise was going to be LBCs but Dirt suggested Flying Squirrels-even better so that is what we did.  We moseyed across the parking lot with the toys between exercises because that is how the old Triple Nickel works. Again, 5 sets thus the term triple NICKEL. Even you Folsom boys can follow that math, right?

We stayed in the same spot for another round of Triple Nickel, this time Step Ups and Merkins. After a couple bat flippers did their 5 sets (I think), we convinced them they had only done 4 so they did another set with us. We were almost out of time so we started another round of Triple Nickel without the running so Shortsale pointed out it was really just Double Nickel, but Triple Nickel sounds a lot cooler so we did a version of triple nickel where we just didn’t move anywhere. We did 8 count body builders and baby makers (no music or comments on needing a plumber, sorry) for a few sets then moseyed back to start for a few quick rounds of Mary.

Overall it was a great morning for me. Again, the only down side was the 2 complainers that will go un-named (Seuss and SA).

Fortunately for me SA chose to poke me the night before which saved me. That is sort of the thing about F3 though. We all seem to help each other out, sometimes even when we don’t realize it. During the workout, we talked briefly about how being in F3 keeps you on track. Not posting for a workout or hanging around these guys allows the bad habits to start, the wandering mind to go places it shouldn’t, and the guardrails to fade away. I know we say this a lot, but F3 really makes us better. More importantly sometimes, it keeps you from getting worse. It raises our standards so that we don’t end up being a Jackwagon and doing something stupid that ruins our day or even worse. Bottom line is, we all need this in our lives. And not just for a few months or years, but every month as much as possible. Life is hard. It’s much harder when you are stupid. F3 makes you smarter at life. Don’t forget that.

thanks for the text SA. You made me look a little less dumb….at least for 1 day.