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Day: April 3, 2022

Coconut Horse 4/3/22

7 HIM  ran a little at the Coconut Horse.  It was a nice cool morning, 2 rucked early for some EC.

lot of chatter about the game, upcoming races, training.

7 of us stayed to discuss Shield Lock, the importance of team integrity and what motivates us to prepare and periodically meet.


Prayer requests

Name-o-rama, video went too long due to a technological dispute.  Once I figure out how to reduce the file size enough I’ll post it too.

Thank you for sharing in the discussion fellas, I appreciate the opportunity to learn from each of you!

  • Maybelline


Crossroads 03-APR-22

Running and rucking.  Some late, some early.  Some ran long, some ran short.

Takeaways:  When you see purple haze running in his all yellow and a headlight, he looks like a minion.  Pockets put some miles in at a quick speed and blamed the refs for the Duke L (haha – he knows what I mean).  Seuss is a paid professional athlete as he’s sponsored to run.  In my haste to use the bathroom after COT, I tried to give Broke $42 dollars to cover my cup.

Announcements:  Community Foundation Run (SFN) 4/9/22, Freight and only Freights Cleanup after workout 4/16/22, Family night at Honey Hunters 4/24, SMR, Jump off Rock half.

Prayers:  Broke, Purple Haze, Huckleberry, Big Pappy, Turtleman

Praise: Pockets (pay), Sparky (son finding Christ)

Pledge, Nameorama, COT (Seuss took us out)

We discussed the four (4) agreements and some lively discussion and 2nd F took place.  I love Sundays!!!!

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