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Day: April 21, 2022

Yellow Shirts, Green Lights


6 ran and 2 rucked at the Pub this morning. Most of us had on our yellow shirts, and it seemed like we had to slow down more at intersections as the lights turned green and traffic had the right-of-way.


Ray Nathan’s 2nd F Lunch today at Noon

Honey Hunters game this Sunday

Prayer Requests:

Purple Haze’s mother

Virus-family concerns

Broke MRI on Friday




Thanks for coming out!

It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right!

In the Gloom this morning is just me and Hermie. We rucked to the Waffle House stopping for various exercises along the way. We chattered about home improvement to hair salons, lol. Mine and Hermie’s knees were acting up, so we passed ourselves at a comfortable pace. We did the work, but more importantly we got to mumblechatter 👊. Good work!

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