We had a good crowd at Folsom this morning, “Hammers” even the canoe came out! 530 hits and we get started!

10 Burpee’s oyo , 15 SSH ic, 15 toy soldiers ic warmup done!

We headed to the hill behind us for nickel/dime- 10 burpee’s at the bottom, 10 merkins at the top, 5 sets!

Parter up for some Dora, and grab a block!

100 triceps

200 Block Swings

300 Squats

finished up with some shoulder presses, unsure of the number?

Circled up for a round of Iron Hulks!

then squeezed in a few ab exercises!

it was a good turnout, everyone worked hard!
Announcements- SMR is the last weekend this month and they need 2 runners!

Trash pickup at Gashouse Saturday morning!

Prayer request- Big Pappy and family, Huckleberry, each other

Welcome FNG Three Tab/  hospital name Chris Wery