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Day: March 8, 2022

Rainy night in Lowell

Rain, rain go away. Unfortunately it did not so under the turd shack we went. No FNG’s so of course I forgot the disclaimer sorry to newbie Pallbearer.

SSH 20 ic
Grass pickers 15 ic
Seal jacks 10 ic
4 burpees

I’m calling these 30’s, unless there is an official F3 name.

25 squats & 5 merkins
20 squats & 10 merkins
15 squats & 15 merkins
10 squats & 20 merkins
5 squats & 25 merkins

Pledge for a break.

Switch to WWII and plank jacks with same numbers of reps.
Still time left so I asked Slaw and Oompa for two more exercises. They gave me Mike Tyson’s and shoulder taps. That was the final nail in the coffin.

4 minutes left for some Mary. V-ups, American Hammers, LBC’s and Flutters were called. Time!

Gastonia community foundation run. Sign up we are pushing 4 chairs for Speed for Need.

Q School at Gashouse Saturday after boot camp 0830, HC on slack for food.

May be more I didn’t write down so check slack.

Prayer requests:
Montross’ aunt home from hospital and friend Chris recovering from surgery.
Orange Man’s friend.
Oompa’s sister had a stroke and pray for him to mend some heartbreak between them two.
Tesla and family.
Mayor complacency struggles, we all agreed we need these.
Huckleberry stomach issues.
Bedpan’s wife and mom.

Pallbearer took us out in prayer, didn’t even need my notes. He will be glad to lead the prayer for any workout he attends.


What Did I Say?

YHC showed up to a few guys completing EC. Clock struck 5:30 am time to get started.

No FNG’s





15 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Morroccan Night Clubs IC

10 Merkins IC

20 Squats OYO

5 Burpees

Mosey down to the bottom of the parking lot for the park for 2 rounds of Route 66

Merkins going toward soccer fields squat with lunge walk to each line coming back.

Next up was a little wall work

2 rounds

10 Dirty Hookups

20 Hip Slappers

30 Shoulder Taps

Mosey around parking lot

Next up on the list was core work

25 LBC

25 High Flutter Kicks

25 Low Flutter Kicks

25 High Scissor Kicks

25 Low Scissor Kicks

25 American Hammers count 1 side

25 Heels to Heaven

25 Plank Jacks

With everyone warmed up we moved into the main course

4 Rds

7 Burpees

14 Merkins

21 Squats

28 Flutter Kicks count 1 side

Mosey back to the start.  SSH until the end.  Time


Q School 3/12 Left Whoopee or Roscoe know

Convergence April 2nd at The Yank

Today was Folgers 100 post




Tesla Family

Roscoe Father in Law

Name o Rama

I took us out in prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  Until next time.  SYITG.


Sorry bout that Wirenut

8 men showed at different times to scatter, smother, and cover Dallas with runs.  Weather was great and the fellowship was even better.  We all reconvened at the parking lot right on time.  YHC had planned to be the Q but realized that Wirenut had agreed the week prior when I was out of town.  I already had my phone out so I just took the care of the pledge and COT.  Broke prayed us out and Wirenut lead the Q-source topic of Chapter 7 “The Heart of the Shepherd”.  Next week YHC actually has the Q and will wrap up “The Way of the Shepherd”  with the final chapter and 7 principals summary.

Announcements:  2nd F Lunch @ Pita Wheel in Dallas on 3-16-22 @ 12:00 / Q school announcement pending – watch for pre-blast / Community Foundation Run on April 9, 2022 – Speed for Need /

Prayer Request:  Gumby, Tesla, a couple others but the wind in my mic covered the voices

Helpin a Brotha Out!

11 HIMs showed to start the weekend off right with a Downtown beatdown!  BOS was down in his back but showed anyway to ask if someone could take the Q.  In steps Balljoint with the pledge and what would surely be considered a Westside approved warmup of SSHs, Gravel Pickers, Abe Vigodas, Toy Soldiers & Burpees if I remember correctly.  Then Balljoint passed the baton to YHC for some “on the fly” everything!  We mosied to the wall along S York for a couple of rounds of Wall Sits and Dirty Hook-ups, then onto Main Street for some Route 66 (Burpees) then we reversed back with Big Boys.  Next we moved to the Post Office for some 11s.  Wirenut called squats at the top & LBCs at the bottom.  We left there and mosied to McQuitter’s wall for some Step-ups & Dips.  I’m pretty sure we did something back up to the start but I can’t remember what so I’ll just say we mosied!  We climbed the Pavilion with 5 Calf-raises each step.  I had a really stupid idea for a new exercise come to me whilst we were doing 11s (must have been the oxygen deprivation) so I dubbed it the “Ukraine Resistance” in honor of those fitting against the Russians.  It’s basically a Boo-yah Merkin but with both hands applying resistance to your partner’s.  It didn’t work but I think it could if we had only thought to ask someone to stop our feet from sliding.  Maybe another day!  We wrapped it up with a round of Mary.

Announcements:  Driver needed for P200 / F3 2nd F lunch Pita Wheel Dallas @ 12:00 on 3-16-22 / T-shirt orders & design / Community Foundation Run w/ Speed for Need

Prayers:  Wichita’s family, Big Pappy, Westside’s M’s grandmother, BOS, Leppard, Gumby


Beautiful weather this am for a bootcamp with A fair amount of moseying in between, trying to get us some mileage in for those running upcoming races.

The warmup
10 Gravel pickers In cadence

20 Moroccan night clubs

20 Side straddle hops

The business

Every light pole to the top one burpee then 5 Hand release Merkins all the way to flag pole


Sarlacc two rounds of cherry pickers

Mosey to road behind AG center.

20 squats at start 40 Merkins

20 squats at start 60 American hammers

20 squats at start 80 LBC’s

20 squats at start 100 Flutters

Mosey to bottom parking lot, partner up. Escalator Booyah merkins at top and bottom of parking lot to 10.

Circle for Mary till times up


Q school

2nd F lunch on the 16th Pita wheel in Dallas

Rooster run Saturday

Nantan of the nation at downtown 18th

Prayer Requests

Wichita’s family

Big Pappy’s mom

My Uncle Bill

One of my customers with colon cancer

Steve Osis

Little boy with cancer (not sure of his name)

Stripers brother

Sister acts family

West sides family

Gumby’s back


Keep Ozark in prayers for his career path change.

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