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Day: March 14, 2022

Just another Rainy Day @ Folsom

At 2am I awake to the sound of pelting rain and wind in the big town of High shoals, I said to myself it will be gone by 530…i hope!  I got up and headed to Folsom to do 6-mile EC run@ 530, Wichita and SA had agreed to meet up and run with me( I do this alone most Saturdays…I know how you feel Wirenut!). Wichita had the Q, so i figured we should get some legs in before he made us do 1000 merkins or whatever!  Wichita sent me his standard text at 5 so i knew he was up and ready…I start getting text from SA talking about “Surly your not running in this crap”, and telling me how Hes going to punch me in the face when he gets to Folsom🤷‍♂️.  During our lovely run in the rain , Wichita hurt his foot and had to cut it short, I told SA as we ran along we may have to Q this one…and we did:

Warm up:  SSH then a burpee, Gravel Pickers then a burpee, Abe V’s and a Burpee, MNC’s and a burpee, left over right/right over left stretch…then a BURPEE

The Thang:  Cooper was called to get us to the Flag at the Top.  Every light pole starting at this one. 10 burpees 10 squats 10 merkins, next pole 9, then 8 etc.  If you stop and the triangle along the way you get 10 spots so it works out.

Pledge at the flag

Mosey to the concrete bleacher/steps at the horse arena.  20 derkins at the bottom, box jump to the top, 20 dips.  We did that 5 times. Mumble Chatter was high! Talking about how stupid this was…what ever just get it done!

After a 10 count from the Mayor I let SA take the reigns and we Mosey’d to the top parking lot for Dirty 11s…Mike Tysons and Jump Lunges..dont forget the Burpee in the middle!

Mosey down to the first shelter for some abs.  it was dryish in there we did a ring of fire w/Bear crawly. Everyone had a turn to call an exercise and crawl. After that we did 50 step ups, and to finish it out a round of Iron Hulks. Mosey back to shovel flag and TIME!


2nd F Lunch Pita Wheel in Dallas

Kotter List set up and volunteers to call—see DR. Suess

Rice & Beans every Tues at the old Honda store downtown

Convergence April 2nd @ Yank

Community Foundation Run and Speed for Need April 9th


Wichita foot and his Dad/family

Gumbys Mom, cousin, and back

Sparky’s Hand and M

Westside Grandma and M’s Grandma

Striper’s Brother

Big Pappys Mom and 2.0


I Took us out in prayer.

Honor to lead today, I hate Wichita got hurt, always be ready to jump in when you are needed!

Ball Joint

Member’s Only 3/13/22

It was a cold, blustery day on the frozen tundra.  Pax were sleep deprived, but overcame the odds and came out better for it. Had a kotter show who doesn’t know his name, Is it Bogey or is it Slice?  Bogey Slice it is.  A least for now.  Three ran, five rucked.  Everybody stuck around to discuss “Queen”.

Announcements:  2nd F lunch Wedensday, Relays upcoming with drivers needed.  Go Ruck events need some Pax to step up.  Initiative to contact Kotters, sign up to be stone/blade

Prayer requests: Orangeman manager at work, Pilgrim family with two deaths, Tiger M and stepsons, Tesla and his family, people of Ukraine and Russia, domestic political decisions

Tiger took us out

Always an honor


The Sword

8 PAX showed up to get in a mosey this morning.

For the word I used a couple of pages from my Daily Devotion titled “Radical Wisdom”


Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we not see.”

The opposite of faith is fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Choose Faith

4 truths to lean into when you feel fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

  1. God is real- Paul answers this with Romans 1:20
  2. God loves me- When I have no where else to turn, I set aside my doubt, pride, ego and know He loves me.
  3. God can be trusted- I trust Him with every outcome.
  4. There is a life after this one.  Jesus proved it with His death, resurrection, and ascension.

Life happens. Our circumstances often cause us to question what we believe, creating doubt in our hearts about everything we thought was true.  It happens to all of us. But what matters most is how we respond to doubt when it arises



2nd F at Pita Wheel in Dallas this Wednesday.  See Slack for details.

Convergence at The Yank on April 2nd.



Tesla’s Family

Big Pappy Family

Wichita Family and foot

Stiper’s Brother

Bedpan Family

I took us out in Prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to share and be pushed by you men. I hope everyone has a great week. SYITG.

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