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Day: March 26, 2022

East side at Old School

It was a beautiful, cool morning at the downtown Dallas metro AO. The FRC crew went out of their normal jurisdiction to invade the northern territory for a longer run than normal. It’s race season so errybody seems to be getting in runs when they can. When the appointed time came, there were 7 PAX willing to take the DRP including Rolex who was making his 3rd workout since his FNG post last Friday at Slaughter’s beatdown. Gator made it up for his first Dallas workout too! This is what happened…

Warmup of Goofballs IC, Merkins IC and The Patented Right Over Left IC

By this time there was a Ford truck that came plowing into the parking lot like he owned the place. Site Q Wirenut had decided to grace us with his presence. Thanks for making it to the workout!

Mosey around the corner to the fired department driveway for the Pledge of Allegiance and something else.

Mosey again, this time to the half circle drive at the old courthouse for The Thang

Semicircle Funtime – Do 10 Merkins, whatever the Q decides that gets us from start to the next position where we do 20 Squats and then sprint down the sidewalk to the original starting point.

First we bear crawled the semicircle, which Mayor made sure to emphasize that I don’t know how far that is. Actually I did, that’s why we did it. Some of us added 20 Monkey Humpers at the nadir of the semi to break it up because it’s really, really far. Thanks Mayor!

On the next round we did Karaoke L, then the next one was Nur and then Skips. Along the way, YHC asked individual PAX what we had done so far, some wanted to detail the entire workout including number of reps, others just focused on the different portions like Karaoke or Nur. Good conversation.

We also explained to Rolex that one of F3’s motto’s, along with “Always Be EHing, is “Leave No Man Behind, but Leave No Man Where You Found Him!” Aye!!!

YHC decided to switch up the first exercise to 20 Def Leppard Merkins (CDDs) and 30 Monkey Humpers at the other side. For the semicircle distance we did Nur again, Butt Kickers, High Knees and finally Karaoke Right for Buckeye.

Fellowship mosey over to the courthouse stairs where we bear crawled up (easy) and down (hard) the other side, then walked backward up and down the stairs.

After reading a memorial plaque that adorned one of the light poles nearby, we moseyed to the gazebo for Lazy & Selfish Dora 1234. No partner needed for this one and we stayed in the same place. We did 50 Big Boy Situps, 100 Dying Cockroaches, 150 Freddie Mercury’s and 200 LBCs. Well, the enhanced mumblechatter and general slack natured approach to so much ab work led YHC to cut out most of the Freddie Mercury’s and switch to 150 LBCs. Some of us did these…

Mosey past Pizza Man’s old homestead to the start. We had a few minutes left so we did some Step Ups IC, Dips IC, Plank IC and then more Dips. Time, thanks for the opportunity to lead men, it was my pleasure!

Prayer Requests – Sparky,  Turtleman, Mayors kids because his M is out of town, Broke’s broke leg, Our Country, The world

Announcements – Convergence next Saturday at The Yank, Community Foundation Run April 9, Adopt A Highway cleanup April 16, 2nd F lunch at Ray Nathans THURSDAY April 21, Honey Hunters game Sunday April 24

The strong showing of east side guys who make their way up to Old School today is a good reminder that we can meet new guys and learn a lot by getting out of our normal routine and going to other AOs around our region. Keep pushing the rock men and Always Be EHing!!!

Blocks and Yoga

A shin injury combined with the amount of PAX running relays this weekend led YHC to reach out to Tube earlier this week to propose a combined Bootcamp / Pain Lab workout. He was all in and after a discussion later in the week a plan was formulated. Nine experienced PAX and a FNG were present as the clock struck 0700 and we got to work.


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We did a modified version of an Iron Pax workout that kept the heart rate up and provided a full body workout.

Do exercises in sets of 25.. After 25 reps jog 25 yards, perform 3 flying squirrels and jog back to continue exercise.
200 curls

175 LBC’s

150 OH press

125 American Hammers

100 Goblet squats

75 tricep extensions

50 lunges each leg

25 HR Merkins

We had to modify the last few exercises due to time and I turned it over to Tube.

Tube finished us off with some DDPY. I’ve seen the acronym, but never knew what it was. After doing it, I wish I still didn’t know. It’s yoga and it ain’t easy.


Convergence 4/2 at The Yank

Community Foundation Run 4/9

Honey Hunters 4/24

Cleanup 4/16


Prayer Request

Prayer channel list


Gumby’s mom


PAX doing relays


YHC took us out

Welcome Tyler Patterson, now known as Orange Peel and EH’ed by Bondo. Great to see Clavin and thanks to him for talking through the 5 Core Principles with the FNG. Strong work by the PAX this morning and I appreciate Tube letting me combine the workouts and Whoopee for putting me on the Q schedule.

I’m Broke

Folsom 3/26/22

Two CSAUPS in same weekend leads to a bit of smaller crowd, but the men who joined put in some good work.  0630, let’s get it. Start with the mission of F3.   Warmup SSH, burpees, IW, gravel pickers and some stretching.  Mosey to entrance of park.


Get to some wall on the building for suspension merkins, hold plank then 5 merkins.  4 rounds.  Head to parking lot across the driveway for 11s.  Tiger squats and Mike tyson’s.  Each time pass the island 5 hand release merkins.

Head to the shelter at bottom of park.  100 step ups on each leg.  Flag planted at the top of the hill from the shelter.  Bear crawl up parking lot to flag.  Couple minutes of Mary to close out.

Along the way we discussed the tools used to help men become what we strive to become.  Shield lock, whetstone program, grow ruck training exercise.

Take advantage of the tools men.  Storm is coming for everyone.  Be prepared and be vulnerable.

Announcements:  Convergence April 2, Honey Hunters April 24

Prayer requests:  Huckleberry, Big Pappy and family, Tonka and Westside grandmothers, Tesla and family, Tiger and family, Ukraine, men doing relays

YHC took us out

Always an honor


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