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Day: March 2, 2022

8 PAX and 1 Truck at the The Ricky Bobby

8 PAX at The Ricky Bobby

At 5:20am, as YHC drove secretly behind the school to set up cones for the beatdown, a unfamiliar car rolled up on YHC in the gloom.  YHC thought it was likely some do-gooder from the general public who wanted to harass/tell YHC that he shouldn’t be prowling around on school grounds, yadda, yadda, yadda.    However, once this person got out of their car, it was obviously a PAX dressed and ready for some work.  He asked me where he should park, since he was new to this AO (or something like that).   I asked if he was a PAX posting Downrange, and he said yes.  I asked from where, and he replied,  “Folsom” .

There were 3 new faces, at least for YHC:   El Camino, Hannibal, and also Bird-Dog who was making his 3rd  appearance in his first week of F3.

During Name-O-Rama, a Truck tried run us down, but YHC and the PAX were quick on our feet and got out of the way.  (This was all captured on video, too.)

Added a “QSource Nugget” at COTthat YHC  saw while downrange at every workout COT and AO in F3-Katy, TX:     ~2 minutes of Leadership-  and Character-building talk in the morning never hurt anyone.

Explained Slack to new-ish PAX, who were unaware of it.   YHC sent these guys an invitation link to Slack before they left.   (We must do better at sharing the basics with PAX, so they don’t go a year without awareness of our primary communications tool.)


(Side Straddle Hops, Goofballs, and Good Morning Burpees)


Mosey to back parking lot

BLIMPS Suicides, Stacked;   (I’m not sure what alternative name we’re supposed to be calling them now)

Bear Crawl Plank Relay  (All PAX hold plank in a circle, while one-by-one, relay-style,  a single PAX does Bear Crawls around the circle.)

Mosey to the Track

11’s with Dips and Big Boys, across the width of the field    (Demo for newer PAX this included an math lesson about which numbers you can add together to get to 11.)

Ran on the track, stopping every 100m for unannounced # of reps, IC;   Burpees, Flutters, MonkeyHumpers, and Incline Merkins.

Back for StartEx to knock out some Side Straddle Hops, until time was up.





Upcoming Relays in march/April, with some spots possibly available for those interested

Primal happy our, and probably one in Folsom, but no one

Mar 16th – 2ndF lunch at Pita Wheel, we think!  See Slack for upcoming details.

March 1stF challenge:  Daily Plank Challenge (see Slack, 1st F Channel )

TAPs (Thoughts And Prayers)

Tesla’s family, especially his son

QSource Nugget:  “Courage”

Courage is “Setting aside fear to to turn Hardship into Grace”

Courage is not the absence of Fear.

    • Fear is a natural state that can and must be governed.
    • Fatigue makes cowards of us all.
    • Grace is keeping your head when everyone around you is losing theirs.

Read more about it here:

Name-O-Rama on Twitter

Look out for the Truck that tried to join (or crash) our COT !   Safety 1st!


Glad to be able to lead these men today!

—Bubba Sparxxx

The Labyrinth – March 2, 2022

Eight men decided to get out of bed and come to The Labyrinth. It was also my first Q at the AO.

After a brief disclaimer, we took a mosey to Martha Rivers Park.

As we entered the park we performed the following exercises at each light pole.

First Light Pole = 5 squats
Second Light Pole = 5 squats  and 5 merkins
Third Light Pole = 5 squats, 5 merkins, and 5 big boy sit ups.
Fourth Light Pole = 5 squats, 5 merkins, 5 big boy sit ups, and 5 SSH.
Fifth Light Pole = 5 squats, 5 merkins, 5 big boy sit ups, 5SSH, and 5 burpees.

We headed to one of the picnic shelters and did 11’s (10 dips and 1 Bobby Hurley)

Staying in the picnic shelter we did 25 derkins and 15 step ups, then 20 derkins and 20 step ups, and finally 15 derkins and 25 step ups.

We took a nice mosey in the parking lot and circled up for a dora.
100 plank jacks
200 lbc
300 SSH

After the dora we did some stretching including the windmill and gravel pickers.

Seeing we had a few minutes left, we started heading back to the start.  At the second to last light pole we lunged walk from one pole to the second pole.

We had about two minutes left so we did mountain climbers and practiced our plank exercises until time was up.

Purple Haze will have the Q next week at Labyrinth.
Bos has the Q at Downtown Friday morning.
Cha Ching (1st F) in Lake Wylie has the Q at The Fighting Yank
T-shirt order for Folsom and Fighting Yank shirts.

Palmer family – (a friend of Whoopee)
Timeframe’s aunt
Dry Rub’s friend
Sargento reported good news on his M’s biopsy.

Prison Break

12 men gathered at Prison break to get some running and rucking in.


Need Q for Speed for Need run

Prayer requests

Wichitas family


Striper’s brother

Roundups family

SA daughter

Big Pappy

My Uncle Bill

Paul Bearer took us out in prayer.

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