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Day: March 17, 2022

Lucky 11

Yes, March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day. It is also my youngest 2.0’s birthday. So he would play into the choice for the route on this day’s mosey through SOGA.

YHC ran the usual 1-mile EC into The Pub to find other PAX also running all over The Pub lot. There was so many folks in motion that YHC did a double-check on my watch to make sure YHC wasn’t an hour late. Whoopee, Roscoe, and Stroganoff were coming from the far end, Breaker was coming up by McDonald’s, and Waterboy ran up behind me from Gaston Day School Rd. You can tell we are in the heart of relay and race season with all the work being put in.

PAX gathered together. It was good to see Burgandy back with us. Strava tells me that he’s putting in work all the time, but it was good to have him run with us.

The Pledge.

The route. My M had painted the rock at Hawk’s Nest for our 2.0’s birthday so we were going to mosey by it on the way to Martha’s and back to check out her artwork.

Some of us ran in a group and got to hear Waterboy’s fascinating tales of his time in Indonesia. If you can keep up with him, it’s work it for those stories. On the way back, Roscoe urged me to stop at the rock for a picture. He then provided the push on the way back to The Pub as we worked to catch up with the rest of the group.

Slaughter with the Q downtown tomorrow (yes, this is in time so that it’s still tomorrow)
Mortimer coming up

Prayer Requests
Big Pappy
Swimmer’s family
Breaker Breaker’s uncle
Breaker Breaker’s M’s student
Check out the prayer-list channel on slack for the full list


Prayer to take us out.

Until next time, Shine On…

Walking the plank

Today at Diablo we kept it pretty simple.  We did a long ruck through the neighborhood.

At the end, we worked on our plank challenge,  first having each person count to 20 while we held it.  Took a break, then 15 count.  Then 10 count.  A few groans and complaints, but we survived.

Announcements:  Tube is celebrating 18ys with his M.  Convergence is coming up April 2.  Flintstone is accepting shirt designs.  Castle Rock has submitted a Diablo Sammich design.  (It’s my new profile pic on Slack.)

Prayers for all those suffering the physical and mental effects of COVID.

We welcomed back Hermie!

Soggy Folsom

7 men showed up for a burpee beat down in a less than dry Folsom. Here’s what went down

10 Gravel pickers IC

20 SSH in cadence

5 Burpees


5 Burpee’s

10 SSH

5 Burpees

Mosey to bottom lot

Escalating 4 corners

First corner 10 hand release Merkins

Second corner add 20 Squats

Third corner add 30 LBC’s

Fourth corner add 40 Flutter kicks

Dirty 11’s
Mike Tysons and imperial walker squats with a burpee in the middle every time you pass.

Indian run to the flag, man in the back does two burpees before over taking the line

Run back to the tennis courts, Every pole on the way down 5 burpees

Circle for Mary

Kraken burpees

Big boys

Box Cutters




Nan Tan of the nation downtown 3/18

Convergence April 2nd at the yank

Speed Need April 9th



Prayer Requests

Westsides Grandparents

Stripers Brother


Balljoints neighbor

Big Pappys family

All the PAX injurys

Fart Sackers

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