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Day: March 20, 2022

We got Slaughter’ed!

There were 24 PAX who showed up at the Downtown AO including 1 FNG and 1 Nantan of the Nation. Slaughter had been on the calendar for a couple of months and the day had finally arrived. What would he do? What would he say? Would there be merlot??? This is what happened…

YHC explained that we had an FNG (disclaimer was given to him ahead of time) and then introduced the Nantan, Slaughter, who then took the reigns. His warmup consisted of a fast mosey around the block and back to the start. There we did a variety of exercised including Eskimo Merkins, which sucked for sure. After each exercise we did a Burpee, increasing each time until we got to 7 and then he skipped ahead to 10 burpees. Slaughter challenged us to try our best while doing our workouts to focus on getting better each day even though it’s hard and it hurts. Good motivation. No merlot yet…

After this we moseyed around the corner to the parking deck, stopping at the bottom for some planking. The next Thang was explained to be a route to the top. Bear crawl all the inclines, nur one direction, run the other until we got to the top. Once at the top, we had to split up on different level because there were so many of us. Nantan called for parkin space suicides all the way to the other end of the deck. Cardio! He then gathered us for some wall sits, then 10 Hip Slappers in cadence. We descended to the bottom of the deck doing the same bear crawls, nur and run setup as before. We did some merkin exercise at the bottom too.

The worst idea then came to the Nantan. On Main Avenue (shouldn’t this be Street?), he caled for 5 Merkins at each storefront. YHC didn’t could how many there were in total but we went all the way from MLK Drive to 321!!! That’s a long freakin’ way!!! Chest and shoulders definitely smoked and of course the form police were squawking loudly. The Nantan lead the way and didn’t slow down a bit, even going back for the 6 to bring them in. He made mention of how there were a lot more than he realized. Oops!

Last he called for us all to get face down on the pavement and when he said go we would all jump up and sprint to the flashing light at South Street. Go! Once we all made it, he repeated the deal going back to MLK Drive.

We made our way back to the start for a few parting words and then the namorama and FNG naming. Welcome Rolex!

I appreciate the Nantan making a visit to our region and showing us an executive style beatdown. I also appreciate so many of our PAX representing and showing him what our region is made of. AYE!

Prayer Requests: Turtleman, Tesla, Mental Battle Month, Huckleberry

Announcements: Shirt design contest ends this Wednesday, Convergence April 2, Community Foundation Run & Speed for Need April 9, Adopt-a-Highway cleanup April 16, Honey Hunters April 24

Moleskin: Slaughter challenged us all to try to get a little better each day. This can be in our fitness, with our family, in our daily devotional life, whatever. Just try to get better than we were the day before. In our coffeeteria afterward, which was flawlessly executed by Captain Stubing, Aye!, the Nantan also explained that the nation’s focus for the year is on connections. If we see those small moments of impact in our daily lives, whether its with the guys at a workout, with our kids at home for a few minutes, an moment with our M, that’s what we need to strive for, connection. It’s worth the effort!

A tournament, some numbers and counting…oh my!

This edition of the best afternoon AO in the whole nation brought 8 HIM out on a beautiful March day. This is what happened…


Warmup of Goofballs

Broke declared that he would only be doing block work today. YHC had other things in mind so we had to leave him behind for the time being. Mosey down the road to the bleachers for some step ups while the PAX EHed a dude walking his dog. Keep moseying to the back of the big soccer field where we were in the shade.

The Thang – Tournament counting (Oh my!!!)

YHC asked the PAX how many games are in the first round of the tournament. Apparently noone is this group cares about the teams that barely made it into the tournament. The correct answer is 68! YHC asked for Pall Bearer’s favorite exercise and he said Mike Tysons! So we did 68 with a lap around the field halfway through to break it up. OMG!!! Take another lap to recover.

The question was asked how many teams are in the 2nd round and nobody could answer this one either. It’s 64 and we did 64 LBCs in cadence. Take a lap.

How many teams in round 3? Lots of answers were given except the correct one, which is 32. The PAX was asked for their favorite non-merkin exercise and Moroccan Nightclubs was said. That’s fine, we would do 64 in cadence while we marched around the field. Why 64, just because it felt right.

The 4th round has 16 teams remaining. We did squats in cadence but actually did probably more like 25 because noone was counting the cadence and YHC just kept going.

Due to time limitations, YHC called bear crawls across the field and then a mosey so we could back to the start. Upon arrival, we completed 8 Merkins I think, 4 of something else, 2 of a thing and 1 burpee. Done!

Broke was steady doing work with his block the whole time to keep from further injuring his leg. HIM work right there! The rest of us got a good beatdown from this little ditty, thanks to all those Mike Tyson’s! Thanks for the opportunity to lead men. AYE!!!

Prayer requests: Purple Haze’s family, Huckleberry, Turtleman, Roscoe’s family, Broke’s shin, Leppard’s wrist, Ukraine, Our country and leaders.

Announcements: Convergence April 2nd, Community Foundation Run & Speed for Need April 9th, dopt-a-Highway cleanup April 16


Midoriyama – 3/15/22



Mosey to back parking lot by picnic shelter

The Thang

30 Mountain Climber

10 x Squat, Rh kick, squat, lh kick, jump squat = 1 rep. Not sure a name but Blart said if we don’t them, don’t have to name it. Broke said it was the Breaker Breaker.

10 x Merkins

10 x Freddie Mercuries

Rinse and Repeat for 10 rounds


Triple Nickel

5 Monkey Humpers at top of hill

5 Burpees at bottom of hill

Had to Omaha after 3 rounds due to time.

Mosey back for COT


  • 2nd F Lunch on Wednesday 3/16 @ Pita Wheel in Dallas
  • Slaughter Q  Downtown on Friday 3/18
  • Convergence on 4/2 – Fighting Yank
  • Community Foundation Run – 4/9 (we need chariot pushers)

Prayer Request

  • Huckleberry
  • Pink Floyd’s M and Dad
  • Tesla
  • Swimmer’s Family
  • Purple Haze
  • Others that I may have missed

YHC closed us in Prayer

Thank you men for allowing me to lead today. It was an honor!


Breaker Breaker


Coconut Horses

7 Coconut Horses ran the route this morning.  5 stayed to learn why the M is our most important relationship.

Several prayer requests.

Community Foundation Run coming up on April 9th.

Until the next one.


Spring returns and so do a few Kotters!

It’s perfect weather to show up in the Gloom ! Glad to see two Hims that I’ve not seen in a while. Welcome back!!

Dirt starts us off with a warm-up, then we split up for our work. We meet up on a corner of the lot and start off with legs.

Set 1: 50/10

High knees, butt kicks, squats, bear crawls, nut crackers, Tie fighters, Romanian deadlifts. R&R

Set 2: 50/10

Baby makers, LBC’s, Reverse crunches, boat holds, star crunches, flutter kicks, jack knifes. R&R

Mosey around the parking lot

Set 3: 50/10

Squat shadow boxing, upper cuts, over head press, superman punches, mountain climbers. R&R

Mosey around the parking lot and stop at the picnic tables. Incline pushups, triceps dips, step-ups.

Mosey back to our circle and finish up with 6 minutes of Mary.

We meet back with the rest of the men and end with COT and Prayer.

I want to throw thoughts and Prayers out to Turtleman. His goal was to return to Gashouse for his first return from his battle with cancer. It has returned in a different area, but his commitment to beating this is stronger than ever. He did it once, he can do it again!

We love you brother 👊


16 total PAX  parked in the parking lot for Folsom on Saturday morning. Some ran long miles training for the P200 and didn’t post with the rest of us. At least one of those hit a new record distance(Bedpan 10 miles) so I guess I’ll give them credit here. Some showed to post but left after the first sequence of pain in the the thang(Westside). He was hustling for that first part so I’ll give him credit I suppose. He claims he had an emergency at work. Some claim he only had 20 minutes of cardio in him. I don’t know I’m just reporting here. There was a lot of EC going on. Believe it or not Def Leppard had the most EC at 7+ miles! We even had 1 that showed for EC then left before we even got started. He will not get credit here. You know who you are!


Blah blah blah. Does it really matter? It’s just the warmup.

The Thang:

Over on Sportsman Dr(did you know the streets of Folsom are named?) at the end between the softball fields I informed the PAX we would be running to the first speed bump and we would do 10 hand release merkins. Then we would run back to the start to do 10 WWI sit-ups.  We would run to the 2nd speed bump and rinse and repeat. We would continue this until we reached the 5th speed bump which I might add is up on Leisure Ln. Volt made his objection of this known vocally. Not that it changed anything but I appreciate anytime you can get him to talk. A modification option was given and we got after it. Bat flippers flipped and the 6 was picked up. Westside pulled a Blart and we moved on to the next thing.

We made our way over to the lower parking lot for some hill sprints. You could fill the excitement in the air. I advised the PAX that when doing hill sprints you don’t necessarily need a steep hill. You want some incline but if it’s to steep then it will throw your stride off. I would’ve liked it to be a little steeper but it was all good. So we sprinted to the end of the parking lot then returned either walking or slow moseying. Enough to recover before doing it again. We did 5 rounds.

After the sprints we did some up/downs and alarm clocks. That was fun!

After that we hit the shelter for 3 rounds or was it 2? of 10 dips ic, 10 step-ups each leg oyo, and 10 derkins oyo. After this I had planned another round of sprints but it was getting close so we headed back toward the flag.

I had the PAX line up at the end of the parking, informing them they may want to get in line with the good asphalt. Time for some speed crawls! Speed bearcrawl out 3 parking spaces and speed crawlbear back. Do it as fast as you can there will be recovery time. Well let me tell you about 2/3 of these half repers(is that a word) leaned way out across the start, positioning themselves across most of the first space. I was not having any of this cheat yourself stuff and made everyone back up to the edge of the asphalt. We did 3 rounds of this then added in a few minutes of mary to close it out.


Announcements-Taking up some money to get a meal for a local pax who’s family lost a loved one-see Gumby, Convergence 4/2 at The Yank, We adopted a street in Gastonia-signup to help clean up on 4/16 see Slack.

Prayer Request-Thanks to Camilia for taking us out


Great job by the runners going out and logging those miles. While we aren’t doing these races to win, it is appreciated by team members when you train and put forth the effort. Good hustle by the bootcampers as well. A special shout out to Camilia who is new to the group but is out there getting it done. It doesn’t get easier but you get better and stronger. Just keep moving!

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