• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/22/2020
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Bed Pan
  • FNG's: Panama,
  • PAX: Big Pappy, Sarlacc, Wichita, Watts Up, Montross, Hacksaw, Tranny, Hannibal, Flubber, Wire Nut,

It has been a while since I have Q’d a boot camp workout. To my surprise we had an FNG come out this morning.
The ThanG:

Warm Up, SSH, Gravel Pickers, “Montross comes in Late so we do monkey humpers facing Him, well kind of” until he gets up to the group.
Lets Mosey, Nolan Ryan’s at each light then to the flag for the pledge, lets have some fun with a little core work.
10 each then take a lap, LBC, Flutter, LBC, Leg Raise, LBC, MTN Climbers, LBC, Freddy Mercury’s, LBC.
We did this twice then back to the Tennis Court. I stayed back with our FNG and noticed that he has sunglasses on his hat at 530 in the morning. Also they were not coming off.
We met in the middle of the tennis courts for some partner work. Partner One goes to one end and does 5 merkins same for partner 2. Meet back and do 10 squats. continue going down to one merkin.
The Fun confusion is about to begin. When I Q I like some music and today was no different. Except my blue tooth speaker failed bitgtime. Luckily Wire Nut brought his truck up to give us some help with the music.

The Pax at Folsom LOOOOve Burpees heck if you don’t have a couple they start complaining. So I brought out a little song by the “Gap Band” you may have heard of it ” you dropped the Bomb on Me”. Burpee each time they say ” you Dropped the Bomb on me”
Needless to say we did a few. The next song is an oldy but goody made more famous from the movie Beetle Juice. The Banana Boat song by Harry Bellafonte, or “Day O”. The Pax Circled up and planked but each time he says “daylight come and me want to go home” we shift to the right. Once back to beginning go to the left. This sucked in more ways than one and cooked the shoulders. I guess happy early Halloween on that one. I looked down and Time.
Regardless of how we got there the Pax were sweaty and laughing after we finished up and that’s all that matters.

Convergence 10/31/20 at Martha Rivers all other AO’s will be closed, PT test 11/14
Prayer Request: SA’s family, Sargentos M, AT’s Arm, and many others.

The Bed Pan is Full