• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/17/2020
  • AO: Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Vacation
  • FNG's: Otis
  • PAX: Slim Shady, Snookie, Boudin, Gavel, Freon, Orangeman (R), Tiger, Flintstone, Doodles

Apologies first, I think there may be one other Pax that was present that is not mentioned.

Orangeman arranged with Bos to have  a visit from Metro pax to the Yank.  Thanks to Vacation for leading!  There was no warm up, he came out swinging from the start. I may also not list all we did, going from memory.

Mosey to parking lot behind the jail, wall sit and touch toes alternating 20 times each side.  Mosey to other side and Nur back.  Three times and then 20 burpees.  Repeat.  20 squats and 10 wall jumps, three rounds.  Did a couple other rounds similar to those mentioned.

Mosey back to park and across to pavilion.   Under the pavilion did several different combinations of exercises, doing one exercise for reps and then changing to another exercise for reps.  Each combination lasted two minutes.  Dips, merkins, LBC, step ups, squats, low to high plank, plank with alternating punches, alternating kicks with punches among others.  Did a couple of rounds and then ran the hill from the upper pavilion to the lower pavilion 10 times.  More exercises and then ran the hill five times.  Vacation had to leave for another obligation about 40 minutes in.

Boudin stepped in and finished the workout.  He led us to the track behind the middle school where we ran mid way around track and stopped for exercises.  LBC merkins, squats, and others.

Five burpees for train.  Made our way to the Yank, pledge.

Announcements – Convergence 10/31 at Martha Rivers, other AO’s closed, PT test 11/14 at Gashouse.

Prayer requests were made and Boudin took us out.

Snookie EH’d a friend that joined us.  Welcome to Otis!!