• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/17/2020
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Stroganoff (R), Quiceh, Defib, Goose, Linus (R), El Toro, Short Sale, Termite (R),

It was a perfect fall morning for a post at the Gashouse and many a HIM showed to know. There was a rare Quiche sighting so you know something big was going to happen. Well, it did. Keep reading…

Strong health declaration that if anyone has Covid, been in contact with or around those with Covid, please stay home for a couple weeks. This was followed by the customary disclaimer even though there were no FNGs present.


Monkey Humpers (kind of in cadence)

Pledge of Allegiance

Split up the bootcamp and painlab guys with a mosey up to the Grier front parking lot. We counted off somewhere along the way and determined we have 10 although the count off was pretty wack. Oh yeah, YHC brought the music and showed off a new playlist since we got a family subscription to Spotify the day before. It’s great!

Once we got to the smooth pavement of the lot YHC paused the music so Short Sale could hear the instructions. Full disclaimer, YHC forgot his carefully prepared weinke and had to recall what to do.


Merkins on one end and WWI situps on the other. Lunge walk from one end to the other. The exercises weren’t that bad but the lunging was pretty tiresome. Good push. The music was awesome!

Mosey from there to the parking lot at Parkwood that isn’t very smooth at all. Again, I paused the music so Short Sale could hear the instructions and complain.

Four Corner Escalator

  • Corner 1 – 10 V-Ups (Sargento style which Short Sale took issue with. He showed us the “proper” way but we did it my way anyway)
  • Corner 2 – 10 V-Ups and 20 CDDs as chosen by Defib because I forgot the weinke
  • Corner 3 – 10 V-Ups, 20 CDDs and 30 Plank Jacks as chosen by Termite
  • Corner 4 – 10 V-Ups, 20 CDDs, 30 Plank Jacks and 40 Flutterkicks as chosen by Linus
  • Reverso in order back down to the start. The music was still great!

Mosey from here to the stairs in back of First Pres.

Triple Nickel

5 Merkins at the bottom, 5 Squats at the top x5. Music was phenomenal.

Mosey down to the Grier track for YHC’s interpretation of…

Dora 123

Partner up, while partner 1 does AMRAP exercises, partner 2 runs a lap around the track and then swap. Each PAX would do 3 laps, hence the 1, 2, 3. Get it? The exercises were Side Straddle Hops, Squats and Goofballs. Music was still great. There was a penalty to be paid. Roscoe was warned not to change the music but chose to anyway to his hair metal stuff. He did it twice which meant he owed 20 burpees. Short Sale took issue with my music too and split the burpees with Roscoe. That’s so sweet.

Mosey back to the start and arrive just in the nick of time! Aye!

Announcements: Convergence October 31st, PT test November 14th

Prayer requests: Double Stuf’s friend’s family, our country, Goose and young folks, Herme’s M, the election