• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/15/2020
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Montross
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Volt, Hannibal, Tranny, Wichita, Broke, Sarlac, Bed Pan, Achy Breaky

First off, Folsom loves a 5k. The vets at Folsom know we “pray for da 5ks”! That being said, we have much respect for Freight and his challenge to raise $3,000 for the F3 Foundation and run a “5k a day for a month”. Guys, he made a cool Jocko-esque video and everything. (Freight’s Challenge Details) The challenge has gained traction and many have donated over the past few weeks. We’re currently over $2,374 as of 1:20 pm on 10/15/2020.

If you’re not aware, F3 Foundation is used to help impact our community through local and national projects. This is something F3 Gastonia could use for grant money to use on local projects in the future. This could also be used for disaster relieve and other large-scale projects. For more info on this fund-raising campaign or to donate, click HERE.

Back to the story – at this point, Freight has started running because he KNOWS F3 Gastonia is going to reach the target. Rudolph challenged the Gas House by offering a $10 bounty for each HIM who ran a 5k with Freight today. I was motivated and, with the Q at Folsom, I also offered $10 per head for any HIM who would come to Folsom and run a 5k during bootcamp today. Rudolph, in addition to his initial contribution, committed to match $5 for every man posting at Folsom. Props to Rudolph for the idea and the motivation…and for putting his money where is mouth is!

Nine men showed at Folsom to raise some money and put in some work! (I rounded up to an even $100)

Thang: On a positive note, this weinke was pretty easy. I had 45 minutes to get the whole group thru 3.1 miles. Of course, we run at different paces so there was an inherent challenge.

Solution: We ran a 1 mile loop around Folsom with 2 stopping points along the way. The leaders stopped for 10 Merkins (or Diamonds, if you prefer), 20 Mountain Climbers (count right leg only), and 30 LBCs as we wait for the Six. Pretty simple and it keeps the heart rate up. We also added extra sets a few times to make it work out and so everyone got in a few reps. We finished up with about 5 minutes to go and filled the time with extra sets of Merkins, Climbers, and LBCs.

Props to Broke who 1) came out for EC, 2) ran an extra lap and saved his reps for the end 3) picked up the Six on his last lap and 4) matched my donation. I can verify he got in some reps after Bootcamp to finish up! His run worked out perfectly for what we were doing!

Thanks to Sarlac for his donation as well! Some others asked about donating later so use the link above and get on it!

In total, $220 was raised this morning at Folsom with (hopefully) more to come. $1. $5. $50. It doesn’t matter, just do what you can.

COT: Lots of prayer requests today: Sister Act and his family as well as his jacked-up knee, Slaw, Huck, Stogie’s dad, all the fartsackers and guys who are injured (A.T., M.W., Tater Hole, Newton, and more), and a few men who are traveling this week (Achy Breaky, Rabbit Ears, Newton, Mr. PIB). YHC took us out!

Thanks to those who posted and participated. I am glad I got to meet Hannibal and Tranny! It is always cool to see these younger guys join us. That is the key to F3 growing and helping men better themselves for a long time to come!

….and, yes, Volt was there.

-Montross aka T-Ron aka Montreezy fo Sheezy aka The Tall Guy