• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/07/2020
  • AO: Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin ( R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Watts Up ( R ), Defib ( R), Dry Rub ( R), Gastone, JJ, EZ Rider, Stinky Bird, Captain Stubing, Waterboy

No, Dude Perfect was not present and neither was a proctor for Guinness Records, but all in all it was a truly amazing morning as we said the pledge while Stinky Bird flew in from his summer vacation ( or wherever he spends time during warmer days)
No disclaimer
Told all that they were ready for the warm up , let’s go ( our run to Gastone Hill will suffice! All were amazed and jubilant, in fact a leftover elf from last week kept singing Christmas Carols ( that was last week)
Told all that for our first attempt ( suddenly great shouts of Hallelujah and pleasure erupted from ALL in anticipation of today’s beat down!) we would do 1 burpee per mailbox on the way up!
Each time we would wait and call upon one of the pax for a 10 count ( yes miracle of miracles even EZ rider finally gave a TRUE 10 count!)
Next time run up  to top and on the way down derkins 2 at each box now on left and assemble at bottom

3 merkins on way back up ( since all enjoyed these)

4 plank jacks

5 squats

and the moment the fabric of time split wide open …

6 mountain climbers

much jubilation and had to calm residents as there was TOO much celebration even a deer poked its head out at one point ( although only JJ witnessed this…. hmm … hallucinations maybe??)

announcements for

Give to Give ( make Freight run 5 K a day …. hey! We did today!)

PT Test November 14

convergence Martha Rivers 10/31


make it back just in time!

prayers for

JJ father

Gastone Father-in-law moving in to nursing center today

Defib son

EZ Rider son

Orangeman family member with upcoming surgery (son?)

praise for Stinky Bird son

moleskin: many have attempted this charge up the hill … Turtlemans record was 5 1/2 …. EZ Rider correctly guessed that  If there was one more charge it would be a NUR …. sorry to say we ran out of luck and time but it was a great day to run, a great challenge and I’m proud of these HIMS! Great work!

Peehaps next week if I can arrange it maybe Tyler will come out with “WHEEL UNFORTUNATE”!