• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/06/2020
  • AO: Bulldog
  • QIC: Rudolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: HIPAA, Bandit, Goose, Tube, Clavin, El Toro, Pedal, T-Square, Oompa Loompa, Honeydew, Waterboy, Spider-Man, Herme, Timeframe, Les Nessman

One week ago today, during an exercise where I was having to curl, press and overall use a 53 lb kettlebell at Spidey’s brutal Q, my mate Tube said “I thought you’d been working out at home?”.   I asked for Bulldog Q for today, immediately after he said it.  Operation “Murder Tube” was a go.  I set up a lot of weights upon arrival, which after seeing 16 pull in, I’m glad I did.  Great turnout.  Tube got to the circle at the last second.  Should have turned around.


Warm-up:  20 SSH, 10 Squats, 12 MNC, 10 Merkins, 10 LBC’s, all in cadence.

Strength Training – Tuesdays have been my back/bicep days, so we’ll get some of that first.  Grab your weight, head to a bench, dropsets, 2 rounds each:

1A)  Bent Over Rows

1B) Deadlifts

2A) Curls

2B)  Pull Overs

3A) Derkins – this was an Omaha due to the numbers present.  Glad to have to Omaha…

3B) Dips

Bootcamp Training – I hunted the lexicon for 4 distinct exercises that looked like they would work well together.  They had to start with T-U-B-E.  Some new exercises!

T – Tennessee Rocking Chair – touch your toes, go to below parallel squat, back to toe touch, stand.  We did 10 in cadence

U – Uhaul’s – standing with weight at chest, push forward, retract, push to 45 incline, retract.  10 in cadence.

B – Burpees (10….I increased later on to the dismay of Tube, telling the Pax he was saying 10 were too easy.  I lied.)

E – Elf on the Shelf – these are kettlebell half-moons; stand with weight beside right leg, pick it up, maximum extension overhead, set down on your left.

After 4 rotations of this, with some mixed in abs between rounds, and 10 counts, we moved on to…

Cardio Training – I like to bear crawl.  Not sure how Tube feels about it.  Partner up (due to how many guys we had), partner 1 bear crawls 15 yards while partner 2 does SSH, then vice versa when p1 reaches the end.  Next round was NUR, then back to bear crawls, then back to NUR.  Not many people can out-race me on a bearcrawl, but Goose whipped my ass.  Good to see him.

5 minutes left, some Mary via round robin.  Some select exercises in honor of those in the circle.  Take a guess……6:15 TIME.


Announcements – Convergence on Halloween at Martha Rivers.  Give to Give for Freight, make him run.

Prayers – Pedal’s father in battle with Parkinson’s, HIPAA’s wife’s aunt for health, Tube’s friend Neiamiah, Oompa Loompa’s shoulder.  Forgive any missed.

Tube prayed us out at my request 🙂

MOLESKIN – fitness is important, but it shouldn’t override the fellowship and faith portions, in my opinion.  Yes, I focused on lifting this past month, sometimes life varies, but fellowship and faith should be constant.  If you don’t have a Shieldlock, I’d suggest getting one.  Invite a brother out for a beer or coffee (I’d suggest Primal, but this ol’ boy is still a little COVID gunshy!  Works well for others).  Get to know each other outside of the gloom.  We had 16 guys at Bulldog, I love it.  I know about 75% of them very well, time to work on the other 25%.  Thanks to Tube for being a good sport, as a fellow Painlab Q he gets Rudolph’s respect on many levels.

Always a pleaure