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  • When: 03/12/2019
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  • QIC: Hunkajunk
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  • PAX: Watts Up, Hipaa, Marco (Polo), Honey Do, Voodoo, Big Country, Clavin (Respect)

After a BULLDOG , Hipaa made the announcement he was looking for people to Q for the month of March… I told him I would look at my work schedule and let him know.   A bit later several days as I’m scrolling through the Twitter Feed I see he is still asking for people to step up and Q so I remember I never let him know anything and said I would take a day.

Now I’m in a jam I gotta make a Weinke.  So I begin sorting it out.  Inspired by a prior Bulldog Q’d by Hipaa involving a 300 Challenge, I think to myself;  that was good, I can come up with something like that… So I looked at his back blast to get the rep counts to give me an Idea of where to go with it.

I make the list.  I count the reps multiple times,  it is done… the Bulldog 300 Challenge (Part 2).  Night before I make the list on a poster board so that It will be a little easier to read… it wasn’t much better, also its not 300 Reps… Its 320… so i count again and again and again its 320 … So its morphed into the Bulldog 300+ Challenge.

Day of… I explain the inability to count correctly and the creation of the 300+ Challenge…   Oh yeah, We celebrate St. Patricks Day a little early with the play list.

Pledge, NO FNG No Disclaimer.

WARM UP… SSH X 10 only, I miss the  expressive cadence letting everyone know were done,  Imperial Walkers X 15 was supposed to be 10 but I realized i missed the expressive cadence so i went to 15 and included it.  Moroccan night clubs X 10… I miss the expressive cadence again and Hipaa calls me out by continuing until i physically told him i messed up the count and he could stop.    All in good fun.   I swear I can count.

The Bulldog 300+ Challenge

40 – Goblet Squat

20 – Tricep Press or Kickback (R)

25 – Kettlebell Swing

20 – Tricep Press or Kickback (L)

20 – Sumo Squat (Low Slow Squat with Wide stance)

10 – Calf Raises

25 – Kettlebell Curl (R)

25 – Kettlebell Curl (L)

15 – Squat Press (R)

15 – Squat Press (L)

10 – Goblet Squat

20 – LBC

5 – Squat Press (L)

5 – Squat Press (R)

25 – Kettlebell Swing

20 – Pretzel Crunch (L)

20 – Pretzel Crunch (R)

TOTAL 320 Reps.  Knowing this would not eat all of our time I offered up the choice to the PAX, go through it again or Pax Choice… Pax Choice it is…. I do not remember everything called here.  I do know the total Rep count went much higher than it was and everyone put in good work


Convergence: March 30, 0700 @ Folsom, Hipaa adds he wants to Highly Encourage everyone to bring an FNG  to flood the event with FNG’s

Community Foundation Run:  Speed for Need Event, April 13

Belmont Classic 5K / 1mile Fun Run : Speed for Need evnet, May 25

Prayer Requests and YHC took us out

Thank you for the opportunity, I hope you got something out of it… I know I did.  (my apologies for the delay on this back blast)