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  • When: 03/09/2019
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  • QIC: Tesla
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  • PAX: Orangeman, Termite, Virus, Tesla, Freon, Anchorman, Get a Grip, Sargento, Quiche, Pockets, Tiger (ruck)

So about last fall YHC got the famous (or infamous depending on your perspective) Rev Flo Rida to come over and guest Q at the Yank one day last fall. It was requested he bring the plates for the dreaded hair burners which are truly the greatest atrocity visited on a pax for a F# workout. Since it had been awhile Tesla decided was time to poke that bear again and bring out the heavy armor to make it happen all over again. So, Friday morning at Atilla YHC gathered up the implements of destruction and brought them to Belmont whereupon he told the guys at Happy Hour what fate awaited then the next morning.

Up at 5 am and off to belmont YHC placed the plates from 45 lbs to 20 lbs up on Hill Street behind the Field of Dreams and waited for crowd to gather in the gloom and fog of early March. Went like this from there on:

COP on the pad:

1 minute rolls here:





Mountain Climbers

Mosey up to the torture chamber, Pockets wisely left to run.

Hairburner set 1

Count off by 3s (we had an even 9)

1s – 1st push (about 50 yards)

2s – Stay behind and do called exercise

3s – Other end , called exercise there as well.

1st round @ 5 pushes per pax

1s -SSH

2s -Jump squats

2nd round

1s – Mountain climbers

2s – Big boy situps.

Break for a recovery run around the field of Dreams and a 10 count. Resume torture.

3rd Round

Same 1, 2, 3.

1s – merkins

2s – IWs

4th Round

1s – lunges

2s – LBCs

Break for another recovery run. By now Orangeman had taken the Lord’s name in vain, Termite had dropped a few well placed expletives, and Virus and Anchorman looked like Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon running each other off the pavement racing to the end lines.

Recovery run was followed by a short trip to the Corner of Knowledge for some work on the benches.

Rinse and repeat 10X, 15X, 20X

Dips, Step ups, Dirkins.

10 count then mosey back to the insanity where it was promised the beatings would cease when morale improved.

Round 5 –

1s do CCDDs

2s – Back to SSH

Did 6 rounds per pax and decided we needed a little time for the best way to end an F3 workout on a miserably wet, cold and muddy Field of Dreams – Bear Crawl Slalom! Nobody was happy. But everybody worked and got it done all the way to the end. 3 times per pax it seemed.



NMM: Hairburners always bring out the beast! HIPPA needs to incorporate these into PainLab. We may see that at the Convergance at Folsom? Could be! Will see this act back in town in the spring for sure. Too good to pass up! Always good to test the metal for sure! Head down, butt up, pushing the rock. Humility, it’s a good thing!

Great work on a nasty day by all pax.  Honor and pleasure to lead.