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  • When: 03/10/2019
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So it was my first pain lab Q and I wanted to reminisce about all the fun times that I have had there so I took my least favorite things and combined them all for some Saturday morning fun. Here’s how it went…

Linus with the warmup…


Burpees/mountain climbers

Overhead press/curls

Least favorite Ab exercise (your choice)

”The little green band” – Rhomboid Rows


Kettlebell swings

Forearm Rope (crowd pleasers)


We did the first round and then went to the parking lot for some bear crawls and Mike Tyson’s for 10 parking spaces increasing each line to 10.  Then we lunge walked and did squats each line.  Round 2 of the circuit (super fun) then back to the parking spaces for lunge walks and squats again.  On the way back we did crab walk between spaces and Clavin called for crab thrusters so we did them increasing fashion.   We started round three of the circuit but ran out of time.  Great work men.  I appreciate the opportunity to lead.


Linus took us out