• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/30/2022
  • AO: Coconut Horse
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Defib (R), Maybeline, Flintstone

My turn to host the Coconut Horse on Sunday, October 30th which means the workout and QSource. I checked Strava and realized I haven’t run 5 miles since May. Due to some nagging injuries, doing shorter distances and slower paces. All I know is I can feel the Respect category more than when I was on the underside of that number. How do you get out of that funk? Set a goal – so I let Sargento talk me into running a half marathon – a “thon” as he calls them. So may as well get to training only thing is Mamon is kicking my ass lately. Anyone else in a line of work that gets the government to audit you? This isn’t a political thing as it happens about every 3 years. But leaving the office at 1:30 am one morning trying to reconcile reporting for a presentation has my First F taking a backseat. Tired of hearing me whine? Everyone else around me is too. LFG.

Having the Q forced me to get out of the fartsack instead of hitting snooze and I got to the AO at 0626 to see Maybeline suiting up for a ruck. A modest rain was falling so I had on a rain jacket. Defib rolls in followed by Flintstone. Flintstone is rucking since he already put in his long training run the day before. Defib is wearing shortsleeves figuring he’s alone for a run but I tell him I’m in. We take off. I share with my partner a memory of Tool Time trotting along with me one Sunday morning and upon leaving the parking lot, I realize TT is staying with me. I finally say, “I’m going to be a lot slower than the A Runners, I’m good if you want to catch them.” Bolt as the Nantan Emeritus calls him, swivels that shaved head toward me and says – “you’re with me today, brother!” Unsurprisingly, he didn’t shut up for 45 minutes giving me tips and pointers with each stride. It was obviously a coaching session I’ve not forgotten, and I did run a PB despite hating the effort. Defib shares he’s not going to coach me but in his quiet way did pull me through the course when if left alone I surely would have walked and certainly would have slowed down. Any amount of precipitation the exterior of my rain jacket shielded was significantly offset by the sweat my body produced under the layer of the jacket. Finally arriving at the base, happy Defib didn’t have to practice any life saving techniques on me, the jacket caught the attention of Flintstone and Maybeline, wondering why I wore it. It prompted Defib’s quote of “I could hear him sweating…” and garnering deserved laughter.

QSource covered Schooling with is the head knowledge needed in order to become a leader. I liked DREDD’s example of studying in school to become a lawyer but having to practice his schooling in order to become proficient. Such as it is in anything we do. A certain amount of study/education is required. But a mentor can help as well. That is where I appreciate Defib running alongside, albeit a slower pace than what he is accustom, but willing to provide the pace needed to help me to get on track and push when I otherwise wouldn’t. And thanks to Tool Time too…it takes a village.

Annoucements: Christmastown 5k – need runners, give Broke your HC; Christmas Party. Prayers for our brotherhood. I took us out.

Thanks for the chance to lead.