• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/29/2022
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Defib
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tube (R), JJ

There is just no substitute for nantan Saturday – With former nantan Stroganoff out sick I was called up from the bullpen to sub in at the gashouse. Most pax were smart to stay away.  With a sparce crowd the weinke needed significant modification.  So keep it simple – I challenged pax to push themselves to perform to the best that they can.  I knew they were going to push themselves physically (afterall they showed for my Q) but I challenged then to take this home and do more in the their second and third F.  Ask yourself – what are you capable of… what can you do?

Warm -up  SSH, merkins, LBCs

Mosey to Grier parking lot for 11’s with big boys and American hammers with lounge walk in between.

Mosey to football field for starfish work.  Starting in the center mosey to first corner for 10 burpees back to center for 10 flutters, mosey to second corner – 20 merkins. Back to center for 20 flutters, mosey to third corner for 30 LBCs and back to center for 30 flutters and mosey to 4th corner for 40 LBC and back to center for 40 flutters.  Somewhere along the line Tube mentioned that burpees are one of his favorite exercises.  That was a mistake.  YHC called EMOM burpees with sets of 8,9,10,11,12,11,10,9,8.  Real crowd pleaser.  Closed out workout with triple nickel with LBC and CDDs.  Mosey back to flag for 3 min of Mary.

Announcements: Christmas time 5K 11/6, Christmas party 12/3

Prayers: JJ’s church members, Huck, Turtleman, Pax on IR including those with flu and broken elbows


As always leading these pax is an honor.  Until next time

Defib out