• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/22/2022
  • AO: PainLab
  • QIC: Tube
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hermie, Clavin, Noisy Cricket, Sledge

Saw a few Kotters today, I won’t name names. Welcome back!

Lets meet up in our circle and start with some warm ups for 5 minutes. I started the mumble chatter by sharing with the HIMs what the Nantan has in store for Q’ing in November. All I could hear was crickets. That’s ok, I have confidence someone will step up before it’s over.

We did each exercise for 50 seconds then transitioned  to the next one. Burpees, CDD’s, OH press, triceps extensions, chest press, decline chest presses. R&R 

We moseyed around the parking lot, stopping at the picnic tables where we did triceps dips, step-ups, incline push ups then moseyed back to our circle.

Next up we did crunches, rev crunches, American hammers, big boys, curls, shadow boxing, OH press, heels to Heaven, single arm rows and a couple other ones I can’t remember. R&R

I had one too many margaritas last night or was it this morning.?

At the end of our beatdown, everyone came up to me for Q sign-up in November. Great work men!