• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/08/2022
  • QIC: BOS & Musicbox
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Blart, Broke, Breaker Breaker, Def Leppard, Minivan, Roscoe, Sargento, Slaw, Tesla

On a cool fall morning in greater Gastonia teams gathered for the second annual Gashouse Amoeba Ruck-Off!  This time the PAX added weight by filling each sack full of canned goods to donate to Dallas Christian Ministry.

This was the plan…

Teams gathered at First ARP Church on S. Chester St. to finish loading up their canned goods and begin the mumble chatter.  Teams were finalized and instructions with pictures were handed out.  Teams grabbed the information packets, stopped listening to YHC, and began their ruck to six checkpoints before making their way to the end point at Pita Wheel.  At each check point the teams were instructed to take a team selfie, send it to YHC and complete 100 reps of the exercise called out in the instructions.  Once they finished all 6 stops it was time to race back to the finish at The Pita Wheel.  YHC estimated this to be near 8 miles depending on any shortcuts that could be found.

This is how it went…

Under the watchful eyes of the unofficial officials Balljoint and Mayor, the teams got their instruction sheets and began talking their way through their route.   At the same time the teams were talking YHC was pointing out a few details of the ruck.  Next time no packets until its time to launch.   Anyway, off they went to the locations below to get their pictures and reps in.

START = First ARP Church – 317 S. Chester St.

York Chester Middle School – 601 S. Clay St.  100 Decline Merkins

Tony’s Ice Cream – 604 E. Franklin Blvd. 100 Monkey Humpers

West Gastonia Boys & Girls Club – 310 Boyd St.  100 Australian Mountain Climbers

Hollywood Cemetery – 600 N. Broad St. 100 Burpees

Lineberger Park Vietnam Memorial – 632 E. Garrison Blvd. 100 LBCs

R.O.’s Bar-B-Q – 1318 Gaston Ave. 100 Jump Squats

FINISH = Pita Wheel – 110 S. York St.

Pictures started coming in quick as the teams worked their way through each location.  It looked neck and neck as one teams pictures trumped the others.   Nearing the finish line at Pita Wheel it was definitely a tight race.   One team coming from Lineberger Park and the other coming from York Chester Middle School.  It’s anybody’s race!  Who would it be?

Blart, Broke, Def Leppard, Sargento and Slaw?


Breaker Breaker, MInivan, Roscoe and Tesla?

One team came racing into the Pita Wheel ready for a cold beverage at 1:55:18 logging 7.6 miles and earning their victory!

The second team may have been talking when YHC stated the finish line was at Pita Wheel.  And they may have overlooked the written instruction too.  With that said they returned to First ARP Church with an unofficial time of 1:45 logging 6.78 miles.

Both teams put in the work, carried lots of food and earned their victories!

In all, 194.2 lbs. of food were collected plus $60.00 to buy more for Dallas Christian Ministry.

Race supporters Gumby, Orangeman w/ 2.0 Erica and rogue pre marathon runners Flintstone and Virus came to Pita Wheel to witness the anticipated photo finish.

It was a great day.

Till next time!

BOS & Musicbox