• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/20/2022
  • AO: Mt. Hollywood
  • QIC: Dr. Seuss
  • FNG's: NA
  • PAX: Red Ribbon, Sister Act, Blueprint, Pillager, Freon, Bubba Sparxxx

No, not SA, but one or two pax seemed to express a little discontentment;) I guess that’s good. 7 in all came out to Mount Hollywood for a crisp morning workout.



Slaughter Starter


Route 66 Merkins

Heartbreak 1-2-3:  One partner runs up hill while the other does: 100 CDDs, 200 LBCs, 300 Monkey Humpers; then switch.

Harley Quinns

Suicides: 10 yards/10 Crunchy Frogs, 20 LBFCs, 30 CF, 40 LBFC, 50 CF,.. 40,30,20,10

Butkus 3x Rocky Balboa’s for 1 minute each with a 30 SECOND Break between (my misspoken “30 MINUTE” break seemed to be more of a crowd-pleaser and preference).

40s: Dips/Shoulder Taps 30/10, 25/15, 20/20, 15/25, 10/30


What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31 ESV

“The Father is for us, the Son is for us, the Spirit is for us. In His person and His providence, God is for us. Sometimes,  like Jacob, we lament, ‘all these things are against me, when actually everything is working for us. The believer needs to enter each day realizing that God is for him. There is no need to fear, for his loving Father desires only the best for his children, even if they must go through trials to receive his best.” (Warren Wiersbe)


PT Test and Clean-up this Saturday

Prayer Requests:

Pillager’s grandpa and wife


Sargento’s biopsy results

Red Ribbon took us out.

Thanks for the participation and fellowship. Mt Hollywood is a great venue with lots of options. Nice to work out on a Monday! Great work, guys!!