• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/11/2022
  • AO: Old School
  • QIC: Mayor
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Slaw, Dr Seuss, Sargento, Gumby, Broke, Freight, Def Leppard


Flagpole for Pledge

Principles of F3:

  1. Are free of charge
  2. Are open to all men
  3. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion
  5. End with a Circle of Trust

Mission of F3:  Our three Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith and our mission is to Plant, Serve and Grow men’s small workout groups with the intent of invigorating male leadership throughout the community.

Warmup:  SSHx15 IC, Gravel Pickers x10IC, ROL/LOR, Moroccan Night Clubs x15IC, Arm circles

Folks started off with a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday.


Six exercises OYO for 42 reps/steps then take a lap around the parking lot after each exercise.   Beast mode will be activated so if you finish early and your form was correct, work in with someone else or plank.

  1. CDDs
  2. Mountain Climbers (42 with one leg)
  3. SSH,
  4. Leg Lifts,
  5. Lunges (42 steps)
  6. Bear Crawls (42 steps)

Mosey to courthouse for stair work

  1. 42 Merkins and run the stairs.
  2. 42 Calf Raises and run the stairs.
  3. 42 Squats and run the stairs.
  4. Move the to the stairs and grab five (5) calf raises at each stair ascending and descending.

Mosey back and grab a triple nickel at the PD hill with push ups and squats

Mosey back to the parking lot for suicides for 4:20 along the parking spaces.

French fries, pistol squats, Michael Phelps, X or star crunch, Freddy Mercury, Dancing Chillcut – all with 10 count IC called by various pax.


Announcements:  Preblast channel, 2nd F Lunch next week, PT test 6/25, trash pickup following, F3 Dads @ Folsom 6/18 @ 7:00, Tubing 7/30, a lot about Trans and some convergence per Nantan

Prayers/Praise: Gumby’s Mom, Slaw’s M, Friend dealing with mom and Alzheimer, Sargento’s skin check up, Kids and the future in reference to mall shooting, Sargento’s Friend Della, Gumby’s M, Turtleman coming home,

Name-O-Rama: did this last to tick some people off.

COT: Slaw closed us out.