• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/28/2022
  • AO: Old School
  • QIC: Roscoe (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Broke (R), Dr. Seuss (R), Wirenut, Def Leppard (R), Blart, Slaw, Dirt (R), Double Stack

We had 8, maybe 9 PAX at Old School on a warm but glorious morning.  YHC noticed Dirt, Seuss, and Slaw getting some EC early.  Slaw did four miles and set a PR pace.  Rumor has it his new watch inspired him to try to catch Seuss.  When they returned, merlot was threatened but not splashed.  Dirt said he came north to come to my Q!  #honored

Here is what went down at the workout.

Disclaimer:  No insurance, not a professional, You versus you, etc.

Slaughter Starter

Mosey to Carr Elementary…..wait…the online recon was incorrect so we moseyed around to the back for some stair work.

30 Step Ups     30 Squats     30 Lunges      3 rounds

20 Derkins on the bleachers 15 Dips     15 Plank Jacks     3 rounds

Two minute elbow plank  (we shared gratitude during the hold)

one minute Al Gore

At this point Dr. Seuss was alleged to have been sweating.  We should have stopped the workout.  #Missionaccomplished

Mosey to ballfield   Get on the line for Partner carries

A parallel run from first base to second base and just like in middle school, the chance of actually getting to second base is nil.

1st Round…..Fireman’s Carry    YHC was fortunate to have been partnered with  Dr. Seuss.   Respect for whoever carried Double Stack.

Pause because YHC almost passed out.  Had to go over the 5 core principles and mission during recovery.

2nd Round…Piggyback style

3rd Round….”Across the Altar” style…   I don’t think anyone else attempted it.

Then…First base to second base   5 Superman’s run and then 5 single leg burpees.
YHC demonstrated the Superman’s and then began and single leg burpee.  The Superman’s work the low back and the single leg burpee’s “activate” the low back, or at least they did in my one rep demo.  A modification was made to do regular burpees.  Wirenut led the way on this one.

Mosey back to start for some gut work IC.  Blart appeared and got credit during COT.  Broke declared he had gravel in his pocket.

We had the 80’s metal going the entire workout and the mumblechatter and joke telling was strong.  The banter that goes on north of I-85 is always a highlight.

After the workout,  most of the PAX from Old School joined the Folsom group at Time Out for some chow.  We were entertained by Wichita giving grief to some PAX for eating some less than ideal nutrition.  He stated a couple things that I remember:

A. He will come to your house to deliver insulin shots due to your future diabetes

B.  He will push your kids on the swing after you are buried (or something similar)

It was then someone said something about the Devil’s leaf (tobacco).  It was then the backblast was named.

The inspiration for the title reminds me of what I heard on a podcast the other day.  The author First Blood, (which was published in 1972 and is still in print to this day) knew he wanted his hero to be only one name.  His wife was talking to him one day about buying a bushel of apples for a quarter.  What kind of apples?  RAMBO apples.  It was only later that Rambo was given a first name of John.  The reason for this is that as a veteran, “When Johnny comes marching home” was symbolic of veterans returning from war.  If you are reading this it is time to watch First Blood again.  What a great film!

This Memorial Day weekend we remember all the veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  We will not forget.

In any event, in what seems to be a custom when you head north, some class act took care of my check.  (The silver fox perhaps?)

Always enjoy the fellowship at are AO’s.  YHC even EH’d my new friend at the AT&T Store who is a Dallas guy and will hopefully post soon.  Sister Act was there to witness it as well!

Announcements;  The Murph at the Sandlot at 0700 tomorrow.

PT Test June 18th at the Gashouse

Prayer Requests:



Expectant mothers

School kids and teachers

Sarlacc, Big Pappy, and SA’s 2.0’s

Wirenut’s Mom

Freight’s Dad

Tim Jones cancer battle

Always a pleasure to lead!