• Post Type: Pre-Blast
  • When: 05/21/2022
  • AO: 2nd F Event
  • QIC: Roscoe (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX:

The Storm will play host to our region’s next CSAUP with lots of fellowship on Saturday, May 21st.  Your first and second F Q’s (YHC and BOS) are collaborating (as high performing teams do) to put forth a CSAUP that will be good for first and second F’s.

Disclaimer*  The Gashouse Region has had multiple external CSAUP’s lately (1/2 Marathons, P200, SMR, Mortimer 100, D2D, V2V, etc) and the schedule has not been kind for planning a local CSAUP.  For example, this was to take place on May 7th, but that date was the Goat Island Games.  This weekend is the Henderson Jump off the Rock half,  so you see the dilemma.  We can’t wait any longer.  May needs a local CSAUP.  That is just the way it is.

Here is what you need to know…

This will be a partner workout with one common EZ throughout the CSAUP.

The first part will be a course with prescribed route where you will stop and complete exercises and reps along the way, eventually returning back to the AO.  When this is completed, one runner/rucker will leave from that location and run a leg while the other PAX will wait for their return so they can run the same leg.  Then repeat when that runner returns to run the second leg.  (Part of this will be on the Rocky Branch Trail so running shoes and trail shoes may be in order if you have both).  This part of sort of like a relay without the vans.

There will be a Ruck option if a PAX would rather ruck instead of run, but the exercises and reps will remain the same.  Teams will be set by the Q depending on who shows up to ensure that bat flipper’s will not be paired together.

All other AO’s are open unless the site Q of that AO makes the call to close.

What to bring:  hydration

gloves optional

Ruck Sack if you choose that option.

Trail shoes if you prefer

Towel and change of clothes

Lawn Chair, tailgate tents, cornhole boards, hacky sacks, or whatever you want to do to pass the time while you socialize with your brothers and wait for your partner to return.  Extra credit for anyone that brings coffee.

Mileage will be around 10 for runners and less for ruckers unless you want to do the whole thing (it will just take longer)

0630    Muster

0650  Teams selected and maps handed out

0700 start

Bring your shovel flags and wear your badass black F3 shirt and shorts if you want to represent on the trail.

The course is being finalized so there may be a longer leg for those that need more

If you are on IR and want to help with logistics let YHC know.

If you choose not to complete this CSAUP, come here after your other F3 morning workout for fellowship and cheer your brothers on!