• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/04/2022
  • AO: The Sandlot
  • QIC: Speedracer
  • FNG's: Hans (Christopher Jarvi)
  • PAX: Balljoint, Whoopee, Boudin, Folgers, Maybelline, Hushpuppy, Orangeman, Sarlacc, Defib, Capt Steubing, Rolex, Gearwrench, Bedpan, EZ Rider, Stone Cold, Speedracer, Cinderella

Change of pace with good idea from Flintstone/Speedracer-site Q swap. Today Speedracer came in from Lake Wylie and Q’d for a day while Flintstone did the same at Crow’s Nest.  We warmed up as the Q was coming in hot then he took over. Mosey to Martha’s parking lot for Walls of Jericho. Supposed to be 7 exercises X 7 rounds with 7 reps each exercise. I think either I remember it wrong or we just did 6 exercises…..could be either. WHAT I REMEMBER IS THIS: Plank Jack, Merkin, SSH, American Hammer, LBC, and Flutter kick with 7 rounds of mosey to the 3rd island and back to start. We moseyed to the picnic tables for the 2nd part: 11’s with Dips (Nur to the sign down the hill by the bench) and Diamonds at the bottom. We got thru this then moseyed back to start for COT and naming of the FNG brought by Boudin. Not much chatter this am due to a lot of counting and keeping track of reps. Solid workout and great crowd, especially Balljoint and other representing from Folsom, Orangeman coming from Belmont area, and (Kotter) Hushpuppy coming out of nowhere.

great idea for the site Q swap