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Downtown 3/26/2021

15 men Downtown

Warm-up: Gravel Pickers, Hillbillies, 5 Burpees

The Thang:

Mosey to Post Office for some 11’s.

10 Big Boys at top 1 Imperial Walker Squat at bottom.  9 Big Boys at top, 2 IW Squats at bottom. Continue until finish with 1 Big Boys, 10 IW Squats.


Mosey to main street. Exercise called is Route 66  using light poles on left.  1st pole 1 Plank Jack Merkin.  Next pole 2 PJ Merkin.  Continue going up until you finish with 11 PJ Merkins.


Short mosey to parking deck.  Next exercise;

5 Rounds

10 Hip Slappers, run up stairs to top

10 Monkey Jumpers, back down other set of stairs


Still time, so we stayed in parking deck.  Bottom level do 5 Burpees.  Run and go up ramp to next level. Do 5 Burpees, 10 Hand Release Merkins.  Run up to next level for 5 Burpees, 10 HR Merkins, 15 American Hammers. Go to next level 5 Burpees, 10 HR Merkins, 15 AH, 20 Mountain Climbers.  We didn’t make it to the top because we were running low on time.

Back at flag, we had time to do the Worst Merkin Ever.  3 count exercise.  Werkin on 1 count, Merkin 2, Diamond Merkin on 3, that equals 1 rep.  I believe we got to 8 and time was up.   Those are awful!!




Prayer Request


Great group of men this morning. Appreciate the push.  SYITG

Sister Act





Name It and Claim It Challenge

The weather is getting warmer and I sense you boys are ready to get after it, more than you already are. So beginning tomorrow, I’m asking you to simply perform 1000 Burpees per day. Oh wait – that’s April Fools day – just kidding. Seriously then, lets avoid that confusion and we’ll begin Saturday, April 3rd with each week to begin a new challenge which as the title suggests you Name It and Claim It. Now I’m sure some of you are skeptical after all, I did create the Strides of March which had most that participated confused until after they completed it. So if those guys trusted me to post – ALL of you can participate in this challenge. Yeah, yeah, get to the point.

  • Week 1 (Saturday, April 3rd – Friday April 9th) – Merkins
  • Week 2 (Saturday, April 10th – Friday, April 16th) – Squats
  • Week 3 (Saturday, April 17th – Friday, April 23rd) – LBCs
  • Week 4 (Saturday, April 24th – Friday, April 30th) – Mystery Exercise

Some of you are scratching your chin and wondering, not so hard. It really isn’t because this is a You vs. You challenge. You name the reps you want to do but you need to do them every day. So if you want 10 a day – that’s 70 for the week. If you want more, get some. Again, this is You vs. You, so no batflippers to keep up with or measure yourself. All I ask is you execute proper form. So no neckies, no pulses, no vibrating arms – this is a full push-up – reference here.

Next is the accountability portion – if you want to participate, go to the Slack first_f_channel and indicate you accept the challenge (HC, thumbs up, whatever). By the end of each day, you need to post on the Slack channel that you completed your challenge (the Claim It portion). I’ll monitor and keep an accurate count. One more thing that you might wonder – what if I challenged myself to do 50 merkins/day and during my F3 workout, we did 25 merkins – am I halfway there? Since I consider this a challenge, officially the answer is “no” but we’re on the honor system, so count it however you like – I’m only setting the parameters for you to get a little better than you already are.

So You vs. You – Name It and Claim It, begins Saturday, April 3rd with Merkins for 7 days – proper form – post each day when you complete the challenge.

Folsom 3/13/2021

Good group of men this morning.  Time to work!

Warm-Up:  Gravel Pickers, Hillbillies, 10 Burpees


The Thang:

Mosey to bottom parking lot.  Line up on first line facing uphill toward length of parking lot.  Start with 1 Mike Tyson.  Bear crawl 2 spaces, then   2 Mike Tyson’s.  Bear crawl 2 spaces, 3 Mike Tyson’s.  We continued all the way to 12 Mike Tyson’s at the end.  The plan was to go up to 15, but that sucked really bad.

Mosey over to pavilion.  Exercises called here;
Dips, Derkins, Step Ups

Start with 10(ic) of each, then 15(ic), 20(ic), 15(ic), 10(ic)


Mosey to tennis courts.  Line up on sideline facing courts,  Exercise called here is Blackjack.  Reps add up to 21. Start with 19 Merkins, run length of 2 courts for 2 Sit-ups, run back.  Then do 17 Merkins, run, 4 Sit-ups, run.  Continue until you finish with 1 Merkin, 20 Sit-ups.


Stay on courts for next exercise .  Do a little AMRAP routine. 5 exercises called, to be performed for 2 minutes each. Start with 10 Burpees, then sprint length of 1 court.  Then do 10 Burpees, sprint.  Do this from 0:00-2:00.  Then from 2:00-4:00 do 10 HR Merkins, sprint, 10 HR Merkins until time. From 4:00-6:00 do 10 Mountain Climbers and sprint.  6:00-8:00 do 10 Jump Lunges and sprint.  And finish out from 8:00-10:00 10 SSH and sprint.

Still with a little time to spare we did Burpee suicides.  Run length of 1 court and back for 1 Burpee. Run 2 courts and back for 2 Burpees.  Finish last one with run full 6 courts, and back for 6 Burpees.  Head back to COT.



Prayer request

Appreciate the chance to lead today. SYITG

Sister Act



There Were Sparxxx a-Flyin’ at TRB

For the morning of his VQ, YHC had requested some nice weather and asked the previously forecasted thunderstorms to hold off until later.  The skies cooperated perfectly, and it was a lovely 65 degree morning at TRB.

After a brief disclaimer, and not recognizing any FNGs, we got started.


20 Cotton Pickers
25 Side-Straddle Hops
25 Hillbilly Walkers

The Thang————————————

Mosey’d to the far end of the track.

Started with MODIFIED 11’s:  Starting behind one goal on the track, the PAX started with 10 Big Boys / 1 Merkin.  The PAX then ran half the track ending behind the other goal where 10 Squats / 1 Mike Tyson were performed.  The PAX then ran the track, back to goal where we started. This repeated in 11’s style. By some semi-scientific estimates and analysis of satellite imagery, this seems to have been about a mile of running, in total.

During these 11’s, Sargento, having recently passed his exam certifying him to sell cryptocurrencies, was eagerly trying to make deals on Bitcoin, and possibly Gamestop stock with PAX who were focused on running hard between the sets of 11’s.  No deals were closed, as far as YHC is aware. Also during the 11’s, there was repeated mention of a point shortage by a team from Michigan yesterday.  YHC, a Penn State alum, had not watched or heard about the results yet, but this news about Michigan made his VQ all the better.

Next up was BLIMPS, with an out-and-back run across the field, along the 50yd line:   (oyo: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunge each leg, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank jacks, 30 Squats.  (A pair of HIMs attempted to change the ‘M’ from Merkin into a Mountain Climber, to no avail.)   The last out-and-back run was performed Jailbreak-style.

Continued on with a MERKIN JACKS MOUNTAIN (oyo)   1 Merkin & 4 Plank Jacks,  then 2 Merkins & 8 Plank Jacks,  then 3 & 12,  4 & 16,  5 & 20,  5 & 20, 4 & 16, 3 & 12, 2 & 8, 1 & 4.   (This looked good on paper. YHC’s shoulders told him differently.)

The PAX then mosey’d back to the school parking lot, where there a was only a little time for some MARY’s.  Tesla quickly led us in a set of oblique crunches, after which Sargento informed YHC that time was up.



Convergence – April 17th @ Bulldog
PT test – April 4th @ Gashouse
Young Life Golf Tournament, May 10

Prayer Requests
Nutria – For a safe family Vacation
Bambi – ligaments in foot/ankle
Schools starting up again with 5-day weeks
Those who are Job searching
Those on Injured Reserve

Closing Prayer
Sargento stepped up to lead us in prayer.


Thanks to the PAX, who were a supportive and willing bunch today.  Many thanks to Sargento for lending YHC some pro tips in advance of the VQ, and for leading the prayer.   Thanks for Tesla for pitching in to help YHC in keeping track of what the letters stand for in ‘BLIMPS’.

Outside the Lines? Out of Bounds? You Decide

On Tuesday nights, YHC reserves his time for the Primal Belmont Run Club, and this night was no different… or was it?

The weather was beautiful, so why only a small group of F3 pax? Well, YHC’s M was still out of town, as were the mainstay Dandro’s. If you don’t know Deb Dandro, then you are missing every run group in Charlotte. She is well known, not for her speed, but for her prolific attendance and pictures. As such, she brings runners to our Tuesday night from all over Charlotte. Her EH skills probably rival that of Sargento’s. BOS blamed his boss for the fart sack, Fintstone just fart sacked, as did Virus (maybe they were at Folsom?).

No matter, we had a group, we ran 4 miles, talked about The Mortimer, talked about the missing runners, and decided to make this a one night only AO. At the end, YHC led the COT with announcements, name-o-rama, and prayer requests.

So you decide. Do the four Pax get credit? Was this a “sanctioned” event? YHC says “aye!”

Please remember YHC’s M traveling, the Pax looking for work, and Minivan’s 2.0.

YHC took us out.

It was an honor to lead – Orangeman

The Labyrinth 3/31/21



Warm Up:          Seal Jacks IC x 25

Hill Billies IC x 20

Slow Merkins IC x 10

Mosey to the maintenance building parking lot for an Abb Ring Of Fire with LBC’s.  Here we circled up and held the LBC starting position.  I started with one LBC.  The PAX to my left did one LBC, the PAX to his left did one LBC and so on until it was my turn again where I started the next round with two LBC’s.  We continued through the round of 7.  There was some creative counting as we went around the circle.

Mosey to the walking trail around the baseball fields for Bataan Death Crawl.  This is a combination of Catch Me If You Can and a traditional Bear Crawl. The last person drops and does 5 Burpees, while the rest of the Pax Bear Crawl in a line. After completing the Burpees, the last guy runs to catch the group, tapping the (new) last Pax on the shoulder, who then stops to begin his 5 Burpees, while the (former) last guy continues to the front of the line. Continue until all Pax have performed 2 sets of Burpees.

Mosey to the far end of the parking lot for 11’s.  Cracker Jacks (Bomb Jacks) at one end and Peter Parkers at the other end.  To do a Cracker Jack, start in ATG-Frog Squat position, w/ both arms extended straight down b/w legs + hands planted on ground. Perform a Star Jump & return to 1st position. This is basically a jump squat and a Side Straddle Hop combined into one exercise.

Mosey to the Picnic shelter for Dips IC x 10, Step Ups x 10 each leg, and Flutter Kicks IC x 20.  Rinse and repeat x 2.

Mosey to the entrance of the park for 5 Burpees.

Mosey back to the flag with 20 seconds to spare.

Great work today gentlemen.  I enjoyed the mumble chatter.




Convergence on 4/17 at The Bulldog (W.A. Bess Elementary)

PT Test at GasHouse on 4/24


Prayer Requests:

EZ Riders family

Watt Ups M

Joey Denton

Turtle Man

Sweep the Leg – A Dojo Showdown Take 2

It took me a minute to figure out how we were going to get the DOJO SHOWDOWN going, but it happened – it was go time at the GAS HOUSE. At first, I felt like I may have let a big fart or something when got the jog going, as a ton of guys diverted off our path but nah, it was PAIN LAB. So after almost shedding a tear, it was take 2 of DoJo Showdown and the mumble chatter got going quickly after sharing the theme was Cobra Kai and Karate Kid related –  with John Kreese’s “Sweep the Leg” statement coming in the strongest!

Warmup: Moroccan Nightclubs in crane form (15, flapjack legs), Cotton pickers (15), Imperial Storm Kickers (15

Thang: Mosey around the parking lot to the spot for the low down of the dojo showdown

Explain further the theme on Karate Kid, sharing the ages of Johnny Lawrence, Daniel Larusso, Miyagi and John Kreese.  54-58-73-75  … Together, we would do 54 of two exercises, run down the paws of the lot and back to THE ROCK, do 5 burpees, then repeat at 58. We’d do the same thing for the two other exercises list, at 73 and 75 reps


Plank punches
Plank kicks
Squat Punches
Daniel Sons


Wall Sits, 30 seconds, run, 5 burpees
Ballz to the Wallz, neutral, right leg, back to regular, left leg down, each at 30 seconds, run a lap, 5 burpees
Wall Plan, 30 seconds, run lap, 5 burpees
Wall spider
Run and repeat


MERKIN, DERKIN WERKINS 25 reps-15 reps -5 reps
After each set, ran to the rock and back
Then we did it in 25 seconds – 15 sec – 5 sec hold form for each

we finished back where we began the THANG at the DOJO with abs

LBC Karate style with punches
scissor kick leg lifts

Ended with  pledge, announcements, Prayer Requests (Tube BIL and intervention prayers)!

Appreciated the opportunity to Q at the GAS HOUSE, hope to do so again soon!!!

-YHC, Slim Shady


I had planned on a fun day of Ultimate Frisbee or Ultimate Rules Football, but monsoon 2021 had a different plan. While waiting for 5:30 to roll around, I was surprised by the amount of pax rolling in. As we all waited in our vehicles the wind and rain really started to pick up. I began getting texts asking if we would still be working out.  I made the decision to have everyone drive down to the shelter and I would wait for anyone coming in a lil late. Once I got to the shelter we went straight into a freestyled workout. Had a Q fail there as I did not do a disclaimer and we had a FNG (welcome Livermush, THE Livermush).

I honestly cant remember what we did exactly but it was a mix of merkins, step ups, core work, etc, and we finished with some hills once the weather calmed down a bit.

I’ve been doing some research trying to find some exercises and stretches to help with my chronic hip and back tightness. I stumbled upon a guy who goes by ” The Kneesovertoesguy”  on youtube. While watching some of his stuff he explains how we have been taught to never put our knees past our toes because of the extra strain it puts on the knees, but that we actually put ourselves in that position a lot in sports. Its actually better to strengthen the knee and get good mobility in the joints to help bulletproof the knees. One of the most basic things you can do to start doing this is walking backwards. Preferably with some resistance.  So on our hill runs we ran down and NUR up. We did this probably 5-6 times and at different speeds.  I can tell you it really gets the quads pumped. If you have any knee problems or just want to strengthen your knees for the future, I recommend checking out “The Kneesovertoesguy” on youtube. He really preaches mobility also.


I appreciate everyone who came out on such a crappy day. Hope it was worth it.



We keep pushing!

15 men plus myself made a difference this morning at PB! We all pushed ourselves a little bit today and made ourselves a little bit better.

Jesus has set the bar for us as believers. We have a choice to make daily to be better for Christ or not and that will relay into being better for ourselves or not because as believers Christ lives in us. It’s simple… if you’re not accelerating you’re decelerating! Move forward towards the bar that Christ has set before us. It takes work, consistency, pushing forward when the world says no, going against the grain. Most of all it takes a relationship with Jesus Christ!!




Convergence 17 at the bulldog

PT Gashouse 24

Oompa has the specialQ at Folsom

Short sale putting out a April challenge

Last day for water bottle and socks for freight. He will put out new items tomorrow.

Prayer Request

Big Pappy

Sister Act

Gumby’s mom

Stogies dad

Ozark dad

Beatle Bailey



On Sunday mornings at the Coconut Horse, our group has transitioned to study Freed To Lead, the original manual describing all the great things about F3. This week Gastone picked up in Part 3, Chapter 2, Time, Place, and Manner (pg. 72). This section discusses the nature of the workouts – where and when. Like most of F3, there are no rules. See Freight’s leadership of a new Saturday AO in Dallas. See also Midoriyama which is one of the few afternoon workouts and though I don’t have the hard data to factually prove but I’m fairly confident it’s one of the best in the nation. Midoriyama has a steady following that continues to grow. The lubricant that fuels the engine of the workout is the mumble chatter. Any Q must be ready to handle a healthy amount of arrows and shade that come his way. I knew that to be the case, even more so for today’s workout because I planned something different (dare to fail). Page 73 of the FTL manual states: “The Q’s imagination is the sole restriction on the manner in which a Workout is conducted.” Skipping some sentences: “A Q, on the other hand, can do whatever he wants.” Freed To Lead – so with that I had a mission today. Here’s how it went:

Brief disclaimer – choose to follow me if you like but if you do, focus on proper form. Here we go:


Imperial Walkers IC x 15, Moroccan Night Clubs IC x 15, Hillbillies IC x 15, Plank jacks IC x 15, Merkins SC x 15


No mosey necessary – we’re staying in the circle for a while for some core work. Crazy 8’s which is 8 exercises, 8 reps, 8 rounds.

WW I, Heels 2 Heaven, American Hammer, Burps (in/outs), Mtn Climbers, Flutter Kicks, Peter Parker, Leg Raises

This kept guys quiet for a while but then Freight started up that he’d hope to break a sweat. Understood, but sometimes you need a different workout to focus on other areas, so hang tight. It seems poor ole Def Leppard has about 3 different exercises named after him. I’d consider it a sign of respect. One thing we all felt the wrath during this segment was the Quarter Pounder that Blart ate for lunch. With the tall, lanky frame flinging legs out and over, compressing his abdomen began to push out quite a thunderous roar. Most mortal men might expel just a few bursts but Blart kept this routine up almost the entire workout. Slaw recounted a story of his showing up to pick up Blart (and Assssh Pond’s) sister for a date back in the day and Blart was holding court with his friends showing off, using his ass as a flame thrower.

Let’s move to the next portion of fun. Stay in the same spot for cardio abs. Four exercises this time: Merkins, Ski Abs, SSH, and Freddie Mercuries. 30 seconds each with 30 second rest after the set. We did 3 sets. Freight once again calls me out for not leading and not counting. I thought this would be a chance for the MC to crank up again but I can count if needed – so I did the first circuit and then use my Q power to call on various pax to lead the counts the rest of the way.

We’ve about worn out the grass at the meeting spot so let’s migrate to the turd shack where the PAX had the choice of partner work or individual. They wanted help so it was the partner Cora:

  • 100 Parker Peter
  • 200 Hillbillies
  • 300 Flutter Kicks
  • P1 runs the width of the parking lot and back; P2 does exercises and counts any leg movement

We finished with 5 minutes left so the PAX would get the individual Cora after all.

  • Australian Peter Parker (use the turd shack wall) x 10 (count each leg)
  • Dirty Hook-ups (count each hand touch on the wall) x 20
  • Donkey Kicks x 30
  • After each set run the width of the parking lot

Time was called after a few rounds.

Announcements: 4/17 Convergence at Bulldog 0700; 4/24 PT Test at GasHouse; Beginning 4/2 is the Name and Claim it EC Challenge (pre-blast comes out tomorrow) Prayers: Big Pappy and Family, Gumby and his mom. YHC took us out.

Moleskin – Good chatter today among the PAX which was a healthy 16. This idea brewed quickly in the aforementioned Q-Source when a few guys mentioned many bootcamps don’t get to the traditional 6 minutes of Mary at the end. That may be true, but also true is the quote in the beginning which is the Q can do what they want. So lets just make today’s workout 45 minutes of Mary to be sure we give that gal some love. From my study of articles and blogs about fitness, having core strength is key to overall health and maintaining physical well being. Whether you save Mary to the end, move it to the beginning, or sprinkle some throughout your Weinke, don’t forget too often. The PAX don’t really like it too much so it’s a quick way to get them quiet, unless Blart has a Quarter Pounder before the workout.

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