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Day: March 18, 2021

Labyrinth 3/17 Get Busy!

The rain held off, WaterBoy wanted to be respectful of those running relays this weekend, so he put together a workout that didn’t require much running.

It went down like this:

The Pledge, then Warmup – Burpees, partnered high 5 pushups, butt-kickers… but then raise your arms overhead…  then wiggle fingers, while turning a circle!  All men willingly participated.

Ran over to Big Martha parking lot where the fun began.  3 sets of six exercises designed to tank the legs.  Each exercise starts at the top of a minute.  Air squats, single leg lunge (one side, then the other), side lunges (one side then the other), bridge ups.  The first time through, 50 seconds do the exercise, 10 seconds runs in place, or jumping jacks, or rest.  Next time through, 45 seconds on the exercise, 15 seconds of run in place, or jumping jacks, or rest, last time through 40 seconds with the same for the other 20 seconds.  18 minutes total, then 2 minutes of calf raises for burnout.

Mosey down toward the picnic tables, same pattern, but with only 5 exercises repeated 3 times.  Pushups, dips, hollow body crunch, flutters, and then LBCs.

Mosey back to Pelicans, COT, Name-o. Pray it out. Done.

Clavin found it too easy, so he carried a 145lb Atlas ball.  Folgers ran a full lap around Marthas in each of the 10 second, 15 second, and 20 off times, totaling 19 additional miles.  Watts Up mosey’d down and back on his hands and did the whole workout inverted on one arm.  Gastone … well… he talked, said something about ant bites.

Shooting Stars.

Warmup IC  emphasis on form. If the PAX had good form then they would have saw the shooting star! Some were doing bendovers instead of squats.  I haven’t seen one in a long time. It was cool!



Overhead Claps

Cotton Pickers

Peter Parkers



Dying Cockroaches


5 Burpees.

Mosey to the track and field.

Line up across short side of field.

Triple Nickel

  1. Squats, karaoke across and perform one leg deadlifts. Switch side karaoke each time.
  1. Merkin, high skip across and then perform Nolan Ryan’s.
  2. WW1, high leg lift across and perform LBC’s.
  3. Overhead Claps, Butt Kickers across and perform Moroccan Nightclubs.
  4. Hillbillies, high Knee across and perform Imperial Walkers.
  5. Stretch legs.
  6. Wind Sprints.

      A. Start sprint from knee position.

       B. Start sprint from Push-up position.

        C. Regular wind Sprints.

Slow mosey back for recovery after each set.

Mosey back to the start. 5 Burpees for the train!

Good job men!!

Softy at Midoriyama.

10 at Midoriyama for a smooth maybe a soft workout before the CSAUP.  I wanted to get a good workout in without breaking anyone.

Warm up

all IC

Merkins, SSH, Toy Soldiers, Hillbillies, Overhead Claps, Nolan Ryan, Flutter Kicks, Pretzel Crunch, CDD, Squat, Don Quixote, Cherry Pickers.

Mosey up and around the soccer fields coming back past the start and around by the picnic shelter continuing to the parking lot by the new walkway. Mosey at a nice comfortable pace. Clydesdale pace! Stopping along the way and complete an exercise. Exercises were

Don Q, Squats, Merkins, WW1

Exercises are written on the parking spaces. Complete all exercise then make a lap down the walkway to the docks and then mosey back up the new walkway and finish back at the parking spaces.  After a lap, repeat. I think we completed 1 round and 2 sets of exercises.

exercises are

Diamond Merkin

Pretzel Crunch

One leg Deadlift

wide arm Merkin





Monkey Humpers


return to start and pledge and COT


Thank you for another chance to lead!


The last time YHC lead The Goat, it was a coldish (Tesla had on long sleeves), wet day.   Today seem like a rinse/repeat but with warmer temps.  Last time attendance totaled 3, luckily today we doubled that especially given the races this weekend / tapering.   YHC had prepared for the rainy day, although in hindsight, we could run normal.

Nonetheless, here is how it went.

No FNGs, so lets get to it…. Mosey to the gazebo.

Break out the deck of cards…

Hearts – SSH
Diamonds – Air Presses
Spades – Squats
Clubs – Big Boys

Non-Face Cards, do the number on the card
Face Cards = 20
Aces = 25 of all four exercises

Following the counts of BlackJack, when the total is 21 or more, take a lap around the square.

We continued until time was out.


Prayer Requests:

  • Nutria’s family with stomach bug
  • CPAP & Dirt – Job Search
  • Mortimer, P70 & P200 teams


  • Pillager’s Grandparents Birthday this week
  • Nutria’s Van problem covered under warranty

YHC took us out.


Thanks to all that attended.  It was an honor to lead.  Maybe next time we can have dry weather.

Watts Up Powering Down

No rain

Were they afraid of today’s Q as Waterboy stated ? Or the rain, which never materialized? Covid, numbers are down? Resting for the weekends brutal beating on the body with the P200? Or was it the fragrance of the fart sack?

No matter, two HIMS kept the fire burning and had a great time ! Until next time

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