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  • When: 04/03/2021
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The weather is getting warmer and I sense you boys are ready to get after it, more than you already are. So beginning tomorrow, I’m asking you to simply perform 1000 Burpees per day. Oh wait – that’s April Fools day – just kidding. Seriously then, lets avoid that confusion and we’ll begin Saturday, April 3rd with each week to begin a new challenge which as the title suggests you Name It and Claim It. Now I’m sure some of you are skeptical after all, I did create the Strides of March which had most that participated confused until after they completed it. So if those guys trusted me to post – ALL of you can participate in this challenge. Yeah, yeah, get to the point.

  • Week 1 (Saturday, April 3rd – Friday April 9th) – Merkins
  • Week 2 (Saturday, April 10th – Friday, April 16th) – Squats
  • Week 3 (Saturday, April 17th – Friday, April 23rd) – LBCs
  • Week 4 (Saturday, April 24th – Friday, April 30th) – Mystery Exercise

Some of you are scratching your chin and wondering, not so hard. It really isn’t because this is a You vs. You challenge. You name the reps you want to do but you need to do them every day. So if you want 10 a day – that’s 70 for the week. If you want more, get some. Again, this is You vs. You, so no batflippers to keep up with or measure yourself. All I ask is you execute proper form. So no neckies, no pulses, no vibrating arms – this is a full push-up – reference here.

Next is the accountability portion – if you want to participate, go to the Slack first_f_channel and indicate you accept the challenge (HC, thumbs up, whatever). By the end of each day, you need to post on the Slack channel that you completed your challenge (the Claim It portion). I’ll monitor and keep an accurate count. One more thing that you might wonder – what if I challenged myself to do 50 merkins/day and during my F3 workout, we did 25 merkins – am I halfway there? Since I consider this a challenge, officially the answer is “no” but we’re on the honor system, so count it however you like – I’m only setting the parameters for you to get a little better than you already are.

So You vs. You – Name It and Claim It, begins Saturday, April 3rd with Merkins for 7 days – proper form – post each day when you complete the challenge.