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Day: March 28, 2021

Sandlot 3/22/21

Welcome to a dark, gloomy and Stinky Weinke!

Pledge – Disclaimer

MNC X 25 25 IC

Let’s Mosey! All the way to the former Grace animal hospital.
DIRTY DOGS! 15 each leg OYO
suggestions from the peanut gallery on another animal related exercise……MONKEY HUMPERS!
Mosey to Hawks Nest Elementary!
American Hammer x 25 IC
Big Boys x 30 OYO
Crunchy Frogs x 15 OYO
Can’t remember if we repeated here…. probably did, but Mosey on to Robinson!
Repeat Ab Baster near the playground.

Mosey to the cat walk.

ELEVENS! Mike Tysons one end, Lunges each leg other end. Dips in the middle same as number of Mike T’s.
We had to cut it short on the last round, so one burpee instead! Head back. We make it back about one minute late… maybe 1.5 minutes…

TIME + !

Good work men.

Announcements, Prayer requests, COT, namerama.

Stinky Bird OUT!

No Name

13 PAX for the most part posted to the new AO in Dallas this morning. I say for the most part because two batflippers started at Folsom then ran over to meet us about 20 minutes in to it. Roundup and Dr Seuss got their credit in the Folsom BB so I’m just mentioning them here. I think Seuss thought he found another way to climb the posting leader board but not on my watch.


We did some stuff you know the regular type stuff

Lets mosey!

The Thang:

Over to the court house square to get things started. Do 20 merkins and run to the next corner. 20 more and go to the next corner except this time bear crawl the arch driveway of the courthouse. We made our way around the square hitting all four corners.

At the corner of Gaston and Main. Run to Maple st doing 10 Freddy Mercury’s at each intersection and run back. Go to Maple st again but do 20 lbc’s at each intersection and stay this time instead of running back.

Mosey to Pine st and do 1 burpee at each pole.

Mosey over to Church st.

From the corner of Pine st and Church st mosey to Gaston st and do 1 burpee at each  intersection and 5 jump squats at each pole on the right(it was a lot of poles)

Down to Holland st where the birthday girl(Mrs Pizza Man) lives for a triple nickel. We switched it up a little for the birthday. 1 burpee at the bottom, 5 plank jacks at the top, and 5 monkey humpers each time you pass her driveway. Facing away from the house of course. We even sang happy birthday as we ran up and down. Golddigger stopped off for some pullups on PM’s bar.

Mosey over to the intersection of Oakland and Main for some Dora. 100 CDD’s, 150, LBC’s, and 200 Flutter kicks. Partner has to run in a different direction each time to the next stop sign.

A few minutes to go so we used the parallel parking  spots on the street. Bear crawl one then lunge one, rinse and repeat for the block.

Pledge on the corner. There were about 6 flags in eye sight from one corner(patriots point).


Announcements: April 17th convergence at Bulldog, April 24th PT test, Cup and sock collection until the 31st

Namerama: FNG that works with Mayor. It was said he was like the Kamala to his Biden sooooo he is now Kamala!

Prayer Request: Gumby’s mom


Great turnout at both Folsom and the new AO. All together over 30 posted! Keep it up guy’s! We can be super spreaders in the D.


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