• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/27/2021
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Slim Shady
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Gas House Main Pax - JJ, Linus (Respect), Hydrant, Whoopee (Respect), Dry Rub (Respect), Flinstone, Short Sale
    Kettle Bell Crew Pax - Hunchback, Tube, Hydrant, Boudain, Les Nessman, Clavin, Herme, Voodoo

It took me a minute to figure out how we were going to get the DOJO SHOWDOWN going, but it happened – it was go time at the GAS HOUSE. At first, I felt like I may have let a big fart or something when got the jog going, as a ton of guys diverted off our path but nah, it was PAIN LAB. So after almost shedding a tear, it was take 2 of DoJo Showdown and the mumble chatter got going quickly after sharing the theme was Cobra Kai and Karate Kid related –  with John Kreese’s “Sweep the Leg” statement coming in the strongest!

Warmup: Moroccan Nightclubs in crane form (15, flapjack legs), Cotton pickers (15), Imperial Storm Kickers (15

Thang: Mosey around the parking lot to the spot for the low down of the dojo showdown

Explain further the theme on Karate Kid, sharing the ages of Johnny Lawrence, Daniel Larusso, Miyagi and John Kreese.  54-58-73-75  … Together, we would do 54 of two exercises, run down the paws of the lot and back to THE ROCK, do 5 burpees, then repeat at 58. We’d do the same thing for the two other exercises list, at 73 and 75 reps


Plank punches
Plank kicks
Squat Punches
Daniel Sons


Wall Sits, 30 seconds, run, 5 burpees
Ballz to the Wallz, neutral, right leg, back to regular, left leg down, each at 30 seconds, run a lap, 5 burpees
Wall Plan, 30 seconds, run lap, 5 burpees
Wall spider
Run and repeat


MERKIN, DERKIN WERKINS 25 reps-15 reps -5 reps
After each set, ran to the rock and back
Then we did it in 25 seconds – 15 sec – 5 sec hold form for each

we finished back where we began the THANG at the DOJO with abs

LBC Karate style with punches
scissor kick leg lifts

Ended with  pledge, announcements, Prayer Requests (Tube BIL and intervention prayers)!

Appreciated the opportunity to Q at the GAS HOUSE, hope to do so again soon!!!

-YHC, Slim Shady