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Day: March 19, 2021

The raft held together

If it weren’t for the brave men who showed up on the dreary & damp early Tuesday morn, the raft would’ve capsized. When the weather sucks, it’s best to combat it with numbers. Here’s what we did to stay afloat.

SSH 20
Imperial Walker 15
Monkey Humpers 15
LBC 15
Merkins 10

Round 1
5 – Squat to one arm press w/ Kettlebell
5 – Squat to one arm press w/ Kettlebell (other arm)
10 – Kettlebell swings
10 – Kettlebell curls
10 – Kettlebell tricep extensions
5 – single arm bent rows w/ Kettlebell
5 – single arm bent rows w/ Kettlebell (other arm)
10 – dying cockroach
10 – American Hammer
10 – Back Bends holding kettlebell
10 – Merkins

Arm Circles
Moroccan Nightclubs
Arm stretchs

Round 2,3,4 & 5
6/7/8/9 – Squat to one arm press w/ Kettlebell
6/7/8/9 – Squat to one arm press w/ Kettlebell (other arm)
15 – Kettlebell swings
15 – Kettlebell curls
15 – Kettlebell tricep extensions
6/7/8/9 – single arm bent rows w/ Kettlebell
6/7/8/9 – single arm bent rows w/ Kettlebell (other arm)
15 – dying cockroach
15 – American Hammer
15 – Back Bends holding kettlebell
15 – Merkins

Stretches 2 minutes.

Announcements: Convergence April 17 @ Bulldog
COT: The world

Lay down Pulls


9 men showed this Friday morning in order to improve themselves.

The Thang:

25 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

Mosey to wall

2 rounds, 25 wall sit March, 20. (3 count) Monkey Humpers, 20 Lunges (count only right leg), 30 squats.

Mosey down the hil.
top of hill 10 hand release Merkins

mosey to corner for 10 squats

mosey to sidewalk railing, 1 lay down pull up

repeated the above until we flipped the outside numbers. 11’s with a twist.

mosey back. On the way 20 yards backwards and 30 yards lunges.

The Moleskin:

weather was great, strong group of guys that all have a purpose.
prayers for all that we mentioned.
Thanks for the opportunity, Gastone Out!

Kicking off Race Week

11 strong at The Sandlot to start off Race Week.  Bricks, stacking, loops, and bad directions made it just your typical morning in the gloom with YHC at the helm.  Here’s what I remember:

The Thang:

  • 20 x SSH (IC)
  • 15 x Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • 10 x Mike Tysons (IC)

Everyone grabbed bricks before the workout.  YHC suggested to grab however many you wanted and adjust as necessary throughout.  As the brick work is getting easier, YHC doubled up, and wanted to encourage others to do the same.

We did 3 rounds of AMRAP 50 seconds, with 15 seconds to transition in between of the following exercises:

  • Hammer Curls
  • Bent-over Rows
  • Pullovers (lying down, arms straight perpendicular to the ground, keep them straight and lower them to the ground over your head, then back up)

YHC learned to bring music from last time, and we heard some Blues Brothers,  Sam & Dave, and “Johnny B. Good” (“that Michael J. Fox song”).

Put the bricks up, and mosey down into the park for some “Rack ’em and Stack ’em”, a Dirt classic, where we mosey to the outside, do the next exercise, then Nur back to the middle to stack what we got on top of what was there.  Badly explained, we just did it, and it was easy enough in practice.

Exercises were:

  • 10 x Hand-release Merkins
  • 20 x Crunchy Frogs
  • 30 x Apolo Ohnos

Once we got through all three and their stacks, we took them back to the rack and unstacked them, so the whole thing looked like this:

  • 10 x HR Merkins
  • 10 x HR Merkins
  • 20 x Crunchy Frogs
  • 10 x HR Merkins, 20 x Crunchy Frogs
  • 30 x Apolo Ohnos
  • 10 x HR Merkins, 20 x Crunchy Frogs, 30 x Apolo Ohnos
  • 30 x Apolo Ohnos
  • 10 x HR Merkins, 20 x Crunchy Frogs
  • 20 x Crunchy Frogs
  • 10 x HR Merkins
  • 10 x HR Merkins

The Apolo Ohnos were something to see, as it was noted that it looked like Gastone was line dancing out there.

We wrapped it up with a Group relay Loop down at the soccer field where we split into 3 groups with 2 groups stationed on opposite sides of the field doing exercises while the 3rd group runs between them.  Once the running group meets an exercises group, they replace them and start doing the exercises AMRAP, while that group becomes the running group and runs to the other side of the soccer field to replace the other exercise group.  Repeato until time called.

Exercises were (AMRAP until the group came in):

  • 3 x Seal Jacks & 1 x Burpee (on repeat) on one end
  • Imperial Squats on the other

We didn’t get many laps in as time was running short, and Stinky Bird thankfully made sure YHC knew we needed to allot plenty of time to get back to the flag.  We wrapped it up and headed back as time expired on the workout.


  • Convergence 4/17 @ Bulldog
  • PT Test 4/24
  • Relays this weekend (P200, P70, Mortimer)
  • New AO in Dallas 3/27
  • Freight collecting socks & water bottles.  Donate equal numbers.

Prayer Requests:

  • Turtleman’s recovery
  • Joey Denton’s recovery
  • EZ Rider’s client with lung cancer
  • PAX looking for work


Race Day is here.  Good luck to everyone representing F3 Gastonia in the P200, P70 and the Mortimer.  Stay safe and strong and get after it!

Yabba Dabba Doo

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