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Day: March 13, 2021


So YHC announced as the pax gathered for COP “Breakfast time!” and we started our journey on the way to beatdown on a spectacular spring morning with 22 in attendance. Went like this:


SSH X 20

IW X 20

Cotton Pickers X 20

Grapevine stretches.

Mount climbers X 20

Bootcampers mosey up to the track and field for some six shooter action:

10 burpees – lap

20 Big boys – lap

30 merkins – lap

Move over to the tables for some core work:

Step ups (each leg)


Split squats


Repeat 10X, 15X, 20X

Return to the track to finish up six shooters.

40 squats – lap

50 squats – lap

60 SSH – lap

Nearing the 4th quarter!

Triple nickel on the hill down by the baseball field:

Bottom: HR merkins X 50

Top: plank jacks X 5

Repeat 5X

4th Quarter! bear Bryant said it best. Winning is not imperative,  but getting better in the 4th quarter is! So we decided to kick ass and get better with a new variation on Bear Crawl Slalom!

Assemble on the 1st base line. YHC at home plate. Start the slalom. We went all the way. All the bases.

Until YHC touched home plate. Home run. Parked it! Got. It. DONE!

Move up to the field again for some sprints and drops across the field.

Sprint halfway, drop and get back up. Repeat coming back. Do this 2X.

Mosey back to COT and pledge.


This crew worked hard to today. They toughed a good one out. Proud of these boys! Great group here at the ‘House today,  really underrated and under appreciated. And I’ll take Union Diner any day! Never disappoints.

Great conversation at breakfast and a GREAT crowd! Love to see this keep going. I’ll help make it happen.

Honer and pleasure to lead today. I’ll be back!




How do you like my t-shirt?

Some people just never learn.  Or they do learn, and ask for more punishment.  A more fitting synopsis of Pain Lab you can’t ask for.

Big group, warm weather does that.  It’s that, or that it started to leak that i was making my post-COVID return and Q’ing the best AO in Gaston County.  Glad to see Tesla was leading Bootcamp, very good warm-up that was a true “warm-up”, not just a straight to execution thing.  Anyways, time to split, Pain Lab comes with me.

Circle up.  No FNG’s, so the basic disclaimer today is that I’ve lost my cardio as a result of illness, we’re going to find it today.  Don’t quit, do what I do, and we’ll perform an old fashioned Pain Lab.

The Thang:  I had 10 rounds planned, we got through 6.5 of them.  I underestimated the amount of burpee time today.  Each round consisted of 4 exercises (full body, legs, arms, abs).  One minute per exercise.  After each 1 minute exercise, 5 burpees.  So, we did this:

High-shelfs, Lunges, CDD’s, WWII’s – 20 Burpees

Taps, Side Lunge, Diamond Merks, Am. Hammers – 20 B’s

Star plank, Rear Lunge, Plank Rotators, Box cutters – 20 B’s

Get-Ups, Bridge Kicks, Pseudo Planche Merkins, Freddie Mercs – 20 B’s

Now…I think it was about here that someone, rhymes with DooDoo, made a crack about my Father’s Day Ultimate Warrior T-shirt.  I guess too much MAN was billowing out from it.  So, 10 Burpees just because.  In later rounds, a backwards ballcap wearing HIPAA did the same, so 10 more bonus Burpees.  Then another, so we wound up with 35 bonus burpees.  VooDoo would later state that these were for my benefit, to find my cardio.  Can’t disagree.  Other rounds:

Jab/cross, People’s Chair, Merkins, LBC – 20 B’s

Hook, Left calf raise, isometric squeeze, cruncy frogs – 20 B’s

Superman’s, Right calf…….10 burpees stop.

Meet up with Tesla and call it a day.  Good work on an incredibly pleasant morning.  I think my sweat was more than my out of breath-ness, but I certainly got what was needed with the burpees.  Pretty sure we got to 165 total burpees, and that’s a good way for a non-runner to get back in shape.

MOLESKIN – great crowd, good mumble chatter, and I think this was the right amount of physically taxing work.  Glad to be back amongst brothers who are trying to get better.  I really enjoyed that breakfast afterwards too.  Need to do more fellowship time.  I mean, I’ve had COVID, and up until then I did my civic duty by ensuring that the hospitals remained clear as long as possible, so time to socialize a bit more.  Everyone stay careful, you don’t want it, that I can promise you.  Again, appreciate everyone’s hard work.


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