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Day: March 14, 2021

3/13/21 The Fighting Yank

Fifteen HIM bounced out of the sack and hit the streets of Belmont for a morning heart revving good time.  It went something like this…

Started with a short mosey to the pit behind Sammy’s for our warm up.

20 SSH – IC / 20 Gravel Pickers – IC / 20 Imperial Walkers – IC & 20 Seal Jacks – IC followed by

10 Merkins – IC / 10 Mtn. Climbers – IC /  10 Merkins – IC / 10 Plank Jacks – IC & 10 Moroccan Night Clubs – IC

Mosey through the scrub and up Myrtle for a 3 at 3.  Three burpees at every third telephone pole.

Next stop the church walls & steps.  At the wall 10 Derkins / 10 Incline Merkins / 10 Dips. Then run up and back down the church steps.  Three rounds.  Rinse and repeat with three rounds of 10 Flutters / 10 LBCs / 10 Squats.

Indian run around the block to the pallets of cinder blocks the builder has left there for us.  Its at this point this crazed man came screeching to a stop in the middle of the road yelling something about “GIVE ME 10 BURPEES.”  He jumped out of his truck, dressed in his work clothes and knocked out a few burpees, jumped back in his truck and he was gone.   I guess Tiger didn’t burn off enough energy during our pre bootcamp ruck.

Now back to business.  Grab a block.

25 Curls – IC / 25 Overhead Press – IC / 25 Rows Right – IC / 25 Rows Left – IC / 25 Press – IC  Lose the blocks.

Slow mosey back to the track for a partner Dora.  100 Squats / 200 Flutters / 300 LBCs

Slower mosey back to the Yank where Bubba Sparks and Orangeman helped us stretch all this work out and we were done!

Great work today guys!  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Spbring on the Ruck

It’s obvious by now that spring is around the corner. The long pants are not cool anymore. Time to break out the shorts. Four came to ruck and mumblechatter. Not much to brag about. We did out march to Wafflehouse with merkins, squats, imperial walkers and triceps in-between. Our pace was good, but as always, our conversations were better. Good work Hims!

Putting in the Miles

12 men got some miles in this morning. Great to see everyone.

Announcements:  Convergence April 17th @Bulldog 07:00, PT test April 24th, P200 this upcoming weekend.

Prayer Request:  Big Pappy and family, Gouldlock family, each other, SA and family, unspoken.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Spa Day

It was a great morning to attack daylight savings time and work out during that hour that was lost (or something).  Anyway, YHC arrived before 0600 to walk/run the Coconut.  I noticed Breaker’s car already there and knew I wasn’t alone.  I left on foot and eventually saw some ruckers ahead in the fifth mile.  Flintstone and Sweetheart were rucking and then I saw Breaker running solo backwards on the route to pick up Short Sale and Virus running the regular route.  Chili Cheeseburgers the night before the Coconut should be avoided apparently.

Tube showed up for Q-Source and Sweetheart left for early church.

We had a good discussion on Sad Clown Syndrome, Pogo 40, the Sifter and the Reacher.  Go hard or go home, but make sure you modify your routines so as not to get on IR.

We then had an impromptu discussion on marriage and learned Tube will be having a spa day with his M at the Grove Park.  Good job on 17 years of marriage!  The next time you see him, he will probably have those residual circles around his eyes from where the cucumbers were.

Short Sale has the Q-Source Q next Sunday as we continue with Freed to Lead.

Announcements:  Convergeance at the Bulldog (Bess Elementary) April 17 and PT test at the Gashouse on April 24th.

Prayers for Breaker’s step-father to get better and for all the Mortimer and P200 teams next weekend.



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