• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/30/2020
  • AO: The Ricky Bobby
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Watts Up (R), Cinderella, Stone Cold, Gavel, Oh Wow, Flintstone, BOS (R), Nutria, Orangeman (R), Tesla (R), Tiger

The fall feeling weather is in the air and makes it more comfortable for pushing the rock. The HIMs were out again at TRB and start time is now!

Warm up:

Goof Balls IC

Abe Vigoda (apparently fast, then slow, then fast)

Mosey to the back of the school. Surprise, surprise! YHC brought a bag full of cards and a speaker. Joy!

Deck of Death, always a crowd pleaser.

Spades – Lunges

Diamonds – Burpees

Clubs – American Hammers

Hearts – Merkins

There were two aces in the deck and we ran to the road and back for each one. As is often the scenario, most of the spades and clubs were drawn at the beginning and overloaded the finishing rounds with burpees and merkins. That’s ok, we got swole. YHC loves the DoD.  The lucky PAX in attendance were super excited to get to hear the latest musical compilation, this version was loud and hard. Perfect for pushing the rock to.

Mosey to the front, get 5 burpees in for the train that passed earlier and we’re done.

Announcements: Young Life golf tournament Monday October 5th

Prayer requests: Orangeman’s daugther, Adam Kincaid, Sargento’s M’s knee replacement, Stephanie McMahan, Tiger’s ex’s surgery, Nutria starts new job Monday, George Miller passing, Sherry McKenzie passing