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  • When: 03/26/2019
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  • PAX: Hacksaw,medicine woman,pastor clever,Sparky,Gumby,Big Pappy, lion king,Taterhole,Huckleberry, roadie,Volt,

Mumble chatter was lively this morning the men who just finished the P200 were telling others of the weekend and the weather was nice.

Warm up:
Ssh,Jump lunges, hillbillies, then 5burppees.
Mosey to triangle in the road
Karaoke to corner then 1 burpee
Lunge downhill 2burpees, nur uphill 3burpees. Repeating 3x.
Mosey to the flag. Say the pledge.
Flutters,lbcs,dying cockroach,squats, American hammers
Mosey to the track
Dips,derkins, then step ups. After each set take a lap x3
Back to the parking lot for Mary.

Announcements p200 2020.
Snowbirds is coming up get with Sparky about the details.
4/12 3rd f . 3/30 convergence at Folsom. That evening will be 2nd f at ole Dallas Brewery. 5/5 mr Mitchell hike with Gastone, 4/5 is the 5k for sparkys M’s school.