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  • When: 05/18/2019
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  • PAX: PAX looking to become a leader

Leadership is a skill that a person must learn and master during their lifetime rather than an attribute of their character with which they are born. As a skill, it is like learning to play the piano. If it were an attribute, it would be like having blue eyes or a square jaw.

Because it is a skill, a person must commit to learning to lead in the same way that they would learn to play the piano. The degree to which they will ultimately master it will depend both upon their natural ability and their willingness to practice. Because we are all born with some leadership ability, even a man with very little natural skill can still be an effective leader if he is willing to practice hard. But a man who will not practice at all will never master the skill even if he is born with the heart of a lion. The decision to become an effective leader is volitional. No one else can make it for you.”

            – F3 Q Source


F3 is more than a workout. It’s also about growing a man and teaching leadership. It has been almost one year since I took over PainLab as Site Q from Rudolph. I have been and always will be passionate about this AO. It offers so much too many PAX that cannot do a Bootcamp due to injury or other physical limitations. By no means is this an easy workout AO. We push the boundaries of what can be accomplished with low to no joint impact, while still being able to raise the heart rate to that of a Bootcamp or Running AO.

I am looking to pass the torch to another HIM in the region that has this same PASSION.

I am looking for someone that is ready to take the next step to becoming a LEADER.

I am looking for YOU.

Are you willing to step up and be a leader??

When: Torch will be officially passed over to a true HIM on May 18th, 2019.

PainLab is located at GasHouse on Saturdays 0700-0800. Although we are a separate AO, we will always warmup, end with Mary & COT with Bootcampers. If there is a convergence, you will be responsible for having a PainLab option. This ensures we are inclusive to all PAX at such a large gathering of HIMs.

Job Requirements

  1. The F3 Ambassadors, if you will. Every man’s first impression of F3 will likely be guided by the work of these men. This is where the rubber really meets the road.
  2. He makes sure that the core principles are kept intact, which is impossible to do if HE ISN’T THERE. So, the inferred commandment is, BE THERE. Every time. Period.
  3. He plants the flag for the AO, makes folks feel welcome, makes sure the disclaimer is correctly spoken, picks up the 6, etc.
  4. He manages safety for the site (don’t post if there is a bunch of lightning, that sort of thing).
  5. He manages the Q schedule. Practices Voluntoldism…
  6. He sells the AO, the Qs, and the Mission of F3.
  7. He harasses Qs to write BBs, etc.
  8. Has social media skills


  1. Drive
  2. Ambition


If you are interested, please contact me:

Twitterbox: @JeffWeidman

Cell: 704-964-1994

Email: WeidmanJeff@gmail.com