• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/04/2022
  • AO: Coconut Horse
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stroganoff (R), Flintstone

Labor Day Weekend three F3’ers rolled into the Harris Teeter parking lot at 0630. The Coconut Horse isn’t known for robust crowds so this holiday Sunday weekend was anticipated to be light. Whoopee even forgot he had the Q. No worries, brothers help brothers out. Stroganoff was stretched and ready to roll. Flintstone had run 15 miles the previous day so he was going to ruck in order to work out his legs. I headed out with Stroganoff who is slowly getting his legs back – which is good for me since I’ve been on the same journey. We went on a slow mosey to Martha Rivers Park which was more about the conversation and improving stamina than a particular pace.

We met Flintstone at 0715 in the parking lot, shared announcements and prayer requests. I closed us out in the COT.

The three of us moved indoors to the Starbucks for QSource discussing Exhortation. It’s an interesting topic to study. The spurs begin with asking what the difference between exhortation and encouragement. DREDD explains Exhortation is a higher level of encouragement. With college football officially opening on the weekend, I have to believe every head coach had their best “rah-rah” speech ready to incite their players to bust on the field and play with fire and passion to achieve victory. 50% of those teams won and the other half lost. The speech may not have necessarily contributed to the win or lose. In our leadership journey, as parents, as managers, as workers, as whatever capacity we serve, we appreciate an encouraging word. It can give us the confidence to take the next step whether we believe the ground is secure under our foot or not. As expected, QSource gives us some advice. A leader can empathize with a person to demonstrate a shared pain. The leader must incentivize the person to overcome obstacles.

We can all think to those among our brotherhood that have done this for us at various times. For me I give credit to a man that has moved on to Winston-Salem. I’m speaking of Rudolph. He had a way to find the right word and the right tone and more importantly at the right time.

So when it comes time that you are trying to push your team or fellow man up the hill – find your Rudolph and give it a go.