• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/10/2022
  • QIC: Roscoe (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe

As the current 1FQ, I thought it would be a good idea to remind the PAX of F3 Gastonia of a few opportunities coming up that can and will influence your training over the next six or seven months.  Are you tracking your workouts?  Are you trying to be younger next year?  Are you going through the motions or do you train with intention?  Here are some events to consider doing and get your mind on actually training for a purpose.

First and foremost is the PT Test this Saturday at the Gashouse.  Whether you have done one or not, it is good to memorialize your times and see how your fitness stacks up.

Second, the Iron Pax Challenge is out there for September.  Although it isn’t a CSAUP per se, I would argue that if you do each week’s workout it truly is a CSAUP.  Gastonia so far has a weak showing on the sign ups…Sign up here….

Register for the IronPAX Challenge

Third, the local 50 Mile relay is almost here.  Defib is the Q for this event.  It begins in Dallas at 0400.  You should be home for lunch.  This is a running relay with four man teams.  Each leg is roughly 4 miles in length so  every fitness level can do it.  The sign up is here…..     https://f3gastonia.com/event-signups/csaup-50-mile-relay/

Next, you have seen the cool hi viz yellow tshirts at many AO’s over the years.  The Dam to Dam relay was started by two F3 guys and runs from Lexington, SC to Greenwood, SC from one dam to another for a total of about 60 miles.   The race is well organized and is a one day event.  Last year JJ ran it and came home and went to a concert in Charlotte with his M and posted at the Coconut Horse the next day. YHC has run it as a four man team and a six man team.  The race sells out in an hour.  Registration opens on Friday, September 2nd at 0659.  Get your teams together now and start training.  Here is the sign up link.


Lastly, the Mortimer 100 is in March and is a 100+ mile relay from Granite Falls to the top of Howard’s Knob in Boone.  It is an asskicker.  You should always be training for this one and HTFU.