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Day: August 15, 2022

Pushing that rock at Mt Hollywood

Nine PAX kicked off the week at Mt Hollywood this morning.

Started with Pledge. Warm up: ssh, toy soldiers, moroccan nigh clubs, imperial walkers

Telephone poles: run down the road from Ida Rankin to downtown with stop for various exercises at each telephone pole

Dora: run dora on the big hill, 100 diamond merkins, 200 squats, 300 flutters

Centers: Pax rotate through designated workouts written in parking spots, 20 reps each lunges, hammers, merkins, monkey humpers, LBCs, Mike Tysons, squats, mountain climbers, arm presses with bricks, crunchy frogs, flies with bricks

Return to Middle school for some Mary

announcements: 2ndF lunch on Wed at Viva Tequis in downtown Gastonia, PT Test 8/27 at Gashouse, JJ5K sign up opens Saturday, F3 dads at Fighting Yank 8/20, CSAUP planned for 9/10

prayer requests: Virus’ daughter, Pillager M and baby, Boss’ Dad, Bubba’s M’s friend

Tequila and Rain

Looks like we might get some rain for the bootcamp.

It’s 5:30am and time to get to work! We had three that went out running for that time of year, marathon season.


Mosey to Four Corners Church parking lot; 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 10 squats. Now it starts to rain…fortunately not too hard.

Mosey to American Legion for the Pledge and 21 merkin salute.

Start a mosey back towards Eagle Park, stop at entrance to school for some exercises; 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 10 squats

Mosey to lower Assembly St in Eagle Park. At the water fountain, 10 step-ups per leg, run up hill to Lexington St for 10 merkins, rinse and repeat until YHC calls time…..After four laps, time to head back to shovel flag.

Runners met up with group and finished up with 5 burpees and some mary.



Prayer Request

YHC closed out with prayer

That was a tough workout and work was put in by all PAX. As always, thanks for allowing me to lead you this morning!

Over and out,

Breaker Breaker!

Three Amigos!

5:30am and time to get to work!

Disclaimer – No FNG so it was brief


The Thang:

Three Circuits of 11s w/o any running

Circuit 1

  • 10 Merkins
  • 1 Deadlift w/KB
  • 9 Merkins
  • 2 Deadlift w/KB
  • and so on until
  • 1 Merkin
  • 10 Deadlift w/KB

Circuit 2

  • 10 Squats
  • 1 KB Row (per side)
  • 9 Squats
  • 2 KB Row (per side)
  • and so on until
  • 1 squat
  • 10 KB Row (per side)

Circuit 3

  • 10 Skaters
  • 1 Plank Jack
  • 9 Skaters
  • 2 Plank Jack
  • and so on until
  • 1 Skaters
  • 10 Plank Jacks

Five Rounds

  • Curls x 10 w/KB
  • O/H Presses x 12 w/KB
  • Squats w/KB x 12
  • Chest Press x 12 w/KB


  • Step-ups
  • Dips



Prayer Request

YHC closed in prayer.


Thanks Amigos for allowing me to lead this morning, as always, it was an honor!


Over and out,

Breaker Breaker!


Down Low in Ranlo

Warm Up:
20 Side Straddle Hops
15 Hillbillies
20 Seal Jacks
15 Imperial Walkers
5 Burpees!
20 Forward and Backwards Claps…
5 Burpees!

The Thang:
Mosey to the brick steps… 20 calf raises each of the 5 steps.

Mosey to  the Gazebo-looking bench

25 Merkins:
– Wide Arms
5 Burpees!

25 Merkins:
– Diamonds
5 Burpees!

25 Merkins:
– Planch
5 Burpees!

We did 20 dips mixed in there somewhere for a couple of rounds/sets.


Mosey to track!

In and Outs on the track for 4 laps – Speed walk the straightaways and sprint the corners.

Mosey back to the Gazebo-looking bench for one more round of all of the merkins, some dips, and a few squats for good measure.

Hacksaw said he was at .98 of a mile after BP asked if we saw the sign that said 4 laps was a mile.

So, to get us all to a mile we moseyed over to the steps for 20 calf raises each of the 5 steps before moseying back to the COT for some Ab work with Mary.


The workout was pretty simple and the movements were easy, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t an effective workout. If you don’t believe me, just ask Mr. Jim Duggan and Mr. The Pan. While I consider them friends, and they may have just been being nice (saying it was a good workout), I think we all did good this morning and benefitted from the time running around a vacant park in the dark of the morning.

All I can say is, next time #showtoknow.

I’m Stogie, and I’m out!

– F3 Dads this weekend (20th) at the Yank
– Wednesday is 2nd F Lunch at Viva Tequilas in Gastonia (near Down Town)
– Sept 1th is the 50 miler CSAUP – Get on Slack to sign up
– Hot Tub Installation Party at Bed Pan’s house… he’ll let us know if needed.

Prayer Requests:
– Big Pappy
– Huck
– Linda Parker – Hacksaw’s Mother
– Bed Pan’s M and family (pray for his sanity this weekend with his 2.0’s birthday party)

Colonel Trautman at the Sandlot

A nice morning in the Gloom this morning as 9 PAX showed up to see what YHC had in store but most likely just showed up because that is there normal Monday routine.

It was almost bedtime the night before the Sandlot and YHC hadn’t worked on his weinke yet.  With the perceived success of going into previous workouts from last week’s Q at the Goat, YHC looked up a previous random workout from several years back and got inspired with what would be today’s weinke.

No FNG’s so a brief disclaimer and then we got into  it with YHC wearing a new color F3 Gashouse shirt.

SSHx 10, Squats x 10, Dive Bomber pushups x 10 and they were awful because the PAX couldn’t quite get the timing down.  Whoopee however was excited and possibly impregnated the pavement so if you see a baby pop out of the second parking space in the corner of the Pelican’s Lot don’t blame me.

With that Q Fail we moseyed the long way to the lower lot of Martha’s House for some Colonel Trautman.  Fortunately, at least one PAX knew the Rambo reference and here is what we did.

Run to the far light post for 20 merkins, run back to the median for 19 merkins, run back for 18 merkins, then back for 17 and on and on down to 1 merkin.  YHC modified the distance to another 35 yards to aid in recovery.  Most PAX got the last merkin and were hitting failure just at the right time all the way down.  Simple but not easy…Defib and Captain Steubing were pushing the pace and a group of PAX stayed together.  Great work!

Next we did burpee long jumps for about ten parking spaces.

Next we lined up for 40 shoulder taps in cadence.  This was followed by ring around the parking island where we hold plank on the curb and one PAX moseys to the next PAX and tags in around the circle.  Two laps of this and then we did the next thing.

The next thing was circle up for exercises.  Each PAX calls 5 reps in cadence and then the next PAX calls the reps for the next 5 all around the circle for a total of 45 reps.
We started with Squats, then LBC’s, then we modified to 20 Bonnie Blairs, then 20 CDD’s.

We NUR’d a few parking lights and then skipped to the next light.  Bonus points were given for skipping with Joy.  Whoopee looked like he was doing an interpretive dance skip (think Snoopy when it snows).

We then moseyed back to the start and held heels to heaven for the last couple minutes for some sharing about suicide prevention.

Prayers for Whoopee’s Uncle

Kids, teachers, Parents

Bos’s Dad and family in the Motor City

JJ’s Aunt and a broken hip

Praise from Cinderella for God’s faithfulness and answered prayers

Gentlemen, we have a 50 mile relay coming up.  Defib is on the Q.  The signup will be out shortly.  Please take advantage of this local event as bonds are strengthened and grit is demonstrated.

Always an honor to lead!



11 pax posted at Downtown on Friday. It’s been a busy few days so I’m just getting to the BB. That said it’s only day 3 so I’ve still beat Pockets and SA by 27 days.


Blah blah blah lets mosey

The Thang:

Starting at the intersection of Main and South we did 1 rep of 2 exercises and hit the road. We continued this throughout the workout adding 1 rep at each intersection. We made it up to 13 before we ran low on time. Should’ve made it to 15. The exercises were burpees and seal jacks. I believe that comes to about 91 reps of each.

Along the way we stopped at various places for some other work. Behind the police department we did Miranda Rights x 10 ic. Lots of complaining about these meow! At the wall of Leather and Lace we did Dirty Hookups x 10 ic, seemed fitting. In the parking lot behind the baseball stadium we did route 66 Bobby Hurley’s. We also threw in some broad jumps and squat jumps using the long line of handy cap parking spaces. Along the front of the stadium we stopped for some Nolan Ryan’s x 10 ic on each side. We stopped off in front of the police department for another round of meows and Miranda Rights. As we ran short on time we made our way over to the South st hill. We NURed up stopping for a WWI at each light pole. A few confused PAX stated they added a rep each time.


AAR-After Action Report-Since the purpose of F3 is to create leaders I talked a little about what an AAR is and why it’s needed. If you don’t know how you did then how can you improve? I asked the PAX to give me 2 things I did well and 2 things I need to improve. Give it a try on your next Q.


Announcements-F3Dads next weekend at The Yank, Dad skate 9/17, JJ5K 9/24, Rumor of a CSAUP 9/10.

Prayer Request


As I write this I’m still a little wired from the move to our new home this weekend. There were 15 HIM at the house to help unload the truck. There was another roughly 5 that were at the apartment to help load. That is insane! My wife has been showing everyone the picture we took and telling them about how you guys knocked out our move. My daughter was even quite impressed by “Tha Boys”(that’s how she refers to you) and she isn’t impressed with much these days(the teen years are gonna be hard). I’m so thankful for F3 and meeting you guys. I can’t imagine not having men like you in my life! Anyone that doesn’t is surely a sadclown compared to what I have.

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