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Day: August 3, 2022


Clock struck 7:00 a.m.. Sargento led us down to the Bunker, but refused to go down into the Bunker, so I took the Bunker crew down the steps for a warmup.

First things first, get the Pandora Metallica station going.



10 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Merkins IC

20 Squats OYO

5 Burpees

Next up route 66.  Lunges and Bear crawls going one way and Merkins and Lunges on the way back.

Next up 2 rounds of following work outs

1 min Wall Sit

10 Hip Slappers

10 Hook ups

30 Shoulder Taps

1 min Wall Sit

Tabata 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes.


Monkey Humpers


Mtn Climbers

Tabata 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes.

Hill Billy Walkers



Imperial Walkers

5 merkins

Fellowship mosey to end of parking lot and back.

With time running low we put in some core work.

25 of each of following core exercises


High Flutters

Low Flutters

High Scissors

Low Scissors

American Hammers

Heals to Heavens

Plank Jack


Time almost up we fellowship moseyed back to The Yank.

Sargento took us out with COT.

Six Feet Under

There’s nothing quite like working out at Midoriyama in August, it’s hot and humid with very little shade. Eight PAX made it out and put in work despite the rough conditions.


No need for a warmup so let’s get going. My intention was to do some easy running with stops along the way for quick reps of various exercises to get the heart rate up. Major Q fail!!! The heart rate went up right off the bat and never came down. Got in about 2 miles total with stops for merkins, lbc’s, squats, ssh and burpee’s. Also threw in some lunge walks, big boys and Mike Tyson’s just to mix it up. Solid work by all the PAX!



YHC took a few minutes at the end to discuss how Freight is a great example of what a leader should be. He’s candid, he’s dedicated, he challenges himself and others, he will hold you accountable and expects you to do the same for him and when he sets his mind to do something he gets it done. All of these traits are things we discuss at QSource and if you aren’t attending these sessions you’re missing out.



Blood Drive 8/10

Freight’s moving day 8/13

F3 Dads at Yank 8/20

Dads Skate 9/17

JJ5k 9/24


Prayer Request


Travelling Pax


Purple Haze took us out.


Huck joined us for the COT and it was great to see him up and about. Keep sending up those prayers for his healing and comfort and reach out to him if you get a chance.


I’m Broke

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