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Day: August 26, 2022


10 pax posted at Midoriyama for a rare PM visit.  It went like this…


Tha Thang:


24- Squats

20- Merkins

13- BB Sit-ups

After each round run across the soccer field and start again….9 rounds of this (The M and my 9 year wedding anniversary was on 8/24)

With time to spare, head back to the flag for some 13’s…Mike Tyson’s and LBC’s


Strong work by all that posted!! Thanks to the site Q for the opportunity to lead!!

In COT we discussed S.H.A.P.E. and how we are here to serve others first and foremost.

Thanks again for the opportunity and until next time, the Gatekeeper is OOOOUUUUUTTTTT!!

What the ruck

At Diablo we rucked to Martha Rivers. We went to what I call the Islands of Misadventure (parking lot islands).  There are 11.  We did 5 merkins at each, then lunges, squats, and step ups.
A good sweat was achieved.

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