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Day: August 2, 2022

Only a little lost

Imperial Walker
Hillbilly Walker
Shoulder Taps
Slow merkins

mosey around until I got lost.

Stop along the way for:
10 Merkins
9 squats
8 LBCs
7 Carolina Dry Docks
6 Jump Squats
5 American Hammers
4 Hand Release merkins
3 Jump Lunges
2 Flutters
1 Burpee

Did the full set each stop. I think we stopped around 6 times. I ran to what used to be an event center to do another round and was informed it’s now a private residence.  Better to be dissuaded by your friends than run off by someone wielding a shotgun.  We got a little over 3 miles in today.

Unintentional message of the day:
How do you respond when your leader is clearly lost?

Planned message:
You’ve done something challenging today.  Don’t shy away from other challenges as they face you.  You may need to press forward and persevere, or you may need to hold back and assess.  Both decisions require different kinds of toughness.

Thanks Radar for the call to lead outside the my home region. Was great to be in Belmont this morning.

Type O Negative

A Storm of EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) was brewing so we got after it.  (For full disclosure, Sargento was at the start and finish of the workout after running before and during, the earlier half with Buckeye.  YHC believes Termite was around as well.

Eleven PAX were there for the workout.  It went down like this.


Warm Up:  SSH, Merkins, LBC’s, SQUATS

The Thang One:

EMOM  10 merkins, 15 LBC’s, 15 squats x ten rounds

Mosey to the baseball concession area for Thang Two:

5 Dive Bomber Merkins, 10 Big Boy Situps, 15 jump squats x 5 rounds

Mosey to the front of the school for Thang Three:

5 burpees and 20 lunges  x 5 rounds

Mosey to the lower lot behind the away side of stadium for Thang Four:

1 minute plank, 50 Moroccan nightclubs, 1 minute plank

Stay put for Thang Five:

All PAX plank on the curb of a traffic island.  PAX one plank walks to his right and tags in the next PAX and it continues around the island for two laps.

Mosey back and hit the Pledge along the way.

COT began when we got back and then we prayed it out.

Announcements:   F3 Dads at the Yank Aug 20th, F3 Blood Drive August 10th, JJ5k September 17th

Prayer requests:  Rice and Beans, Homelessness, Stinky Bird’s brothers FIL recent passing,  Safe delivery for all the babies in our F3 Gastonia family…Buckshot, Buckeye, Bouquet, Wichita, (missing one?)

We had four for coffeerama where we discussed the blood drive and perhaps getting guys to give blood so they can be around us F3 guys and see the ballbusting of who can give the fastest pint.  We learned that Boudin is TYPE O NEGATIVE, otherwise known as the Universal Donor.  This was as blatant a humblebrag as YHC has ever heard.  We also learned that Sargento is “B POSITIVE”.  Of course!

If you aren’t strong, you’re wrong!



No Burpees Q -Whoopee

Total of 3 miles around Martha Rivers area including the following suggestions:






11’s that turned into 7’s

Declining merkins

NO BURPEES but it is you against you

You should have been there


Many prayer request

EZ out!!!



Downtown Fillin for the Canoe

SA is under the weather this morning so he asked me if I would paddle his Canoe for him at DT. I actually arrived 10 mins early! Was a small but pretty good crowd…it was basicly all Folsom guys and EZ Rider, who actually meet all the Folsom requirements other than that silly little egg looking thing he drives (Come on Stroganoff!)

Warmup–SSH, some stretches etc…

Mosey to the Alliance Bank Wall. Wall marches, overhead presses, Australian mountain climbers, monkey humpers.

Mosey to McQuiters wall for Lindsay 30-10, 25-15, 20-20, 15-25, 10-30…dips and dirkins between each set do 20 step ups.

Mosey to Safelite Autoglass parking lot for Modified Triple nickel. 10 imperial walker squats, then run downhill to the pull up bar…10 pull ups…do this 5 times, if you get done pick up the six.

Mosey to parking deck (Achy Breaky said he had never been Downtown so i wanted to show him around). Bear Crawl the ramps, then a burpee, Keroke/nur/sprint the straights ..all the way to the top.

Mosey back to start…time!

Aug 10 Blood Drive in Belmont…see Slack for details
Aug 20 Dad/2.0 workout at the Yank
Sept 17 Kate Skate
Sept 24 JJ5K

Turtle Man
Big Pappy Family
Ez Rider Family
GearWrenchs Customer
Goudelock Family
Achy Breaky Uncle

Everybody got in a pretty good workout I think. Not as douche as SA would have done it but i did what I could.


Ball Joint

Tour De Folsom…..revisited

Hillbilliesx10 IC

Mosey to amphitheater


Triple Nickel time. 5 decline Merkins then to the top of the hill for 5 burpees. Rinse and repeat 5 times.
Mosey over to the ball field parking lot.
Line up for some 11’s. Jump squats on one end and lunges on the other(count 1leg).
Mosey over to the upper fishing pond parking lot. Line up for some Route 66 using Bobby Hurley’s.
Mosey on around to the tennis courts. 4 corner escalator. First corner 10 merkins, next corner 10 merkins + 20 French fries(count both arms), next corner 10 merkins + 20 French fries+ 30 mountain climbers(count both legs), fourth corner 10 merkins + 20 French fries, + 30 mountain climbers + 40 LBCs.
Mosey back to start. With a couple minutes left YHC calls on a PAX to lead us with one, Balljoint calls 5 Burpees OYO. Wichita adds in 20 merkins OYO.


Announcements: Blood Drive August 10th, JJ5K (date unknown), Snowbird men’s retreat September 16-18

Prayer requests: Sparky’s parents, Achy Breaky’s uncle, Huckleberry, Goudelock family, Big Pappy and family, Melinda White, Clint Hudson, Wirenut’s 2.0, Stogie’s neighbor, Bedpan’s M

Moleskin; You can be out of this group for months, but when you do show back up, it’s like you were never really gone. Except for the fact your body lets you know you’ve been out. It’s always an honor to lead you men. As I mentioned during the Q, it’s crucial in today’s society for men to be MEN! “Toxic masculinity” is a term used to tear down that notion. It’s not toxic to be men. It’s biblical. Also, confidentiality is a big part of F3. What we share between each other stays our group. Trust can easily be lost. That being said, I’m thankful to be a part of this thing called F3.


MW out!

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