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Day: August 23, 2022

Painlab Fun

It was good to be out today.  Beautiful morning for some fun with heavy things. Here’s how it went… Whoopee was solo for boot camp side so he did some PT test training up on the track. Tube, Castle Rock, FNG, and my self. Headed over for some timed station work.
50 seconds of work 20 second test/transition

Round 1

KB swings


Slam ball

Battle rope

Man makers


Sandbag overhead toss to burpee (crowd pleaser) 


Break = fellowship mosey around parking lot

Rd 2

Pull overs


American hammers

Battle rope


Big boys

Throw over burpees

Fellowship mosey

Round 3



Little Green Band (if you know you know)

Slam ball American hammers

Lateral Raises

Flutter Kicks

Sandbag burpees

That was a wrap. It was great to have an FNG today. I think he enjoyed it.

Yank Inspired Bunker

The Yank was closed do to F3 Dads.  The PAX began to show up, some knew The Yank was closed others did not.  Gather up the PAX and headed down to the Bunker.  While on our way to the Bunker I pulsed them about having some running in the workout.  They were up to the task.



15 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Merkins IC

20 Squats OYO

5 Burpess

We left the Bunker via the stairs and we were off on a mosey to Myrtle Street.  At Myrtle Street we used the telephone poles on the left side to complete Route 66.  We did Merkins on the way up and Monkey Humpers on the way back.   Back the bottom of Myrtle Street we took off on a mosey toward Hawthorne and took a left on street behind Sammy’s.  Once we got to the hill we nurned up it then mosey back to the Bunker down the stairs.

Next up wall work.  2 rounds of

45 sec wall sit

10 Hookups

20 Hip Slappers

30 Shoulder taps

25 sec wall sit

With our shoulders on fire we mosey down to the park.  5 burpees for the train.  Partner up for DORA 123




Moseyed back to the Bunker for some more work

Each parking space we performed one of the following exercises

5 Burpees

20 Squats

5 Burpees

20 CDD

5 Burpees

20 Lungers (count 1 leg)

5 Burpees

20 V-Ups

Time starting to run low, but still time for brick work. Each PAX grabbed brick from back of truck.  We held brick above our head and walked around the edge of the Bunker.  We repeated holding brick in front and then farmer carry, right hand first then switch to left hand half way through.  Secured bricks back in the truck then we moseyed back to The Yank.

Core work until the end.  25 of each of the following ab excercises




Heals to Heaven

Big Boys

Time 8:00 am



Prayer Request


I took us out in prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. SYITG


This morning it was humid and foggy, time to get some sweat on.

No Disclaimer

warm ups included some monkey humpers as spackle pulled up and horrible form squats to greet Wire nut and to give him something to chew on for a minute.

pretty straight forward today 10 exercises 30 seconds of werk and 30 seconds of rest.

nur up the hill and karoke back.

Oh we did 5 burpees before each round.

3 Rounds.

High Knee(not hiney) flutters, merkins, crunchie frogs, CDD, High PLank, ski jacks, LBCs Overhead claps, Cork Screws,  We finished with some 11’s of squats and Star fish I omaha’d the 11s for time and called 5 more burpees at the end.

Thanks to all the men who posted this morning.


CSAUP 50 miler coming up. Sign up even if you dont run you will be a runner by the end.

F3 skate night coming up.

Prayer request, several.


The Bed Pan is full…

Are you “working out” or Training? CSAUP’s can make a difference.

As the current 1FQ, I thought it would be a good idea to remind the PAX of F3 Gastonia of a few opportunities coming up that can and will influence your training over the next six or seven months.  Are you tracking your workouts?  Are you trying to be younger next year?  Are you going through the motions or do you train with intention?  Here are some events to consider doing and get your mind on actually training for a purpose.

First and foremost is the PT Test this Saturday at the Gashouse.  Whether you have done one or not, it is good to memorialize your times and see how your fitness stacks up.

Second, the Iron Pax Challenge is out there for September.  Although it isn’t a CSAUP per se, I would argue that if you do each week’s workout it truly is a CSAUP.  Gastonia so far has a weak showing on the sign ups…Sign up here….

Register for the IronPAX Challenge

Third, the local 50 Mile relay is almost here.  Defib is the Q for this event.  It begins in Dallas at 0400.  You should be home for lunch.  This is a running relay with four man teams.  Each leg is roughly 4 miles in length so  every fitness level can do it.  The sign up is here…..

Next, you have seen the cool hi viz yellow tshirts at many AO’s over the years.  The Dam to Dam relay was started by two F3 guys and runs from Lexington, SC to Greenwood, SC from one dam to another for a total of about 60 miles.   The race is well organized and is a one day event.  Last year JJ ran it and came home and went to a concert in Charlotte with his M and posted at the Coconut Horse the next day. YHC has run it as a four man team and a six man team.  The race sells out in an hour.  Registration opens on Friday, September 2nd at 0659.  Get your teams together now and start training.  Here is the sign up link.

Lastly, the Mortimer 100 is in March and is a 100+ mile relay from Granite Falls to the top of Howard’s Knob in Boone.  It is an asskicker.  You should always be training for this one and HTFU.






Spies at the The Storm

Big crowd on a humid morning at the Storm.  0530, lead with the mission of F3.  Pledge.  Warmup of SSH, IW, Arm Circles, Gravel Pickers, and some stretching.  Mosey.

Go to round about in front of school.  Simple weinke today.  Feels like a good day for some Bo Derek’s, slight modification.  Two burpees and run the hill.  Ten hand release merkins at top.  Rinse and repeat 10 times.

Bat flippers completed 10, the rest of got 8 or 9.  Close to time, but one more thing.  Reach deep and sprint to the flag.  All you got.

Recounted the story from Numbers of the Israelites sending 12 spies to scope out the their promised land.  The spies found the land occupied by GIANTS.  Ten spies reported that taking the land was not possible.  Two said it can be done, and wanted to do it immediately.  Be the man that finds a way.  No excuses.

Lots of chances coming up to do some hard things.  Iron Pax, CSAUPS, relays, Grow Rucks.  Pick at least one and find a way.

Announcements:  Pt test at Gashouse 8/27, Iron Pax begins Sunday with Thursday at Folsom dedicated to that workout each week, CSAUP 9/10, Skating with Mayor, JJ5K 9/24, other CSAUPs later in the year

Prayers: Breaker Breaker uncle , Bubba Sparxx friend with terminal cancer, Tiger and his family, Tesla and family, Huck, Turtleman, Bos and family

YHC took us out

Always an honor


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